21 March, 2011

Retired Belts

VIMBY: Retired Belts from The WereHaus™ on Vimeo.

Strong Work!

CityGrounds Reopening Party/GoldSprints

CityGrounds Reopening Party/GoldSprints from Dave Jaranilla on Vimeo.

Watch Jack's hands at the final match...

So many friends, sad I missed this.

Go fast day!

Great shot, seen at Seabase's tumblr.

Spanish Track

Stryc from Pau Catlla on Vimeo.

Maybe I should be lifting, so I can go faster...


PEONFX x DEVISE - Faz Adhili from faz adhili on Vimeo.

Save the Tarck Bike! After this weekend, I just want to go faster.

Fixie Skid....

I found this old photo of one of our homies over at a certain bike shops FB page.... Care to guess, as to who it is?

Photo by Steven Nereo

Wolfpack Hustle. LA Marathon Crash Race ll: Results

JTR won overall and 1st road. That's alot of Street Cred right there.

Fabian got 2nd road.

Some trio of dudes from AZ won Fixed category, placing 1-3 in that category. Check out State Bike co for a great recap of the race.

Lynn got 1st fixed girl.

Krista? got 1st road.

Congrats to all that finished the race, that was so much fun. The ride back was enjoyable as well.
There's not too many times you do 50+miles before 7am. Felt great!

Thanks to the sponsors and of course, to Wolfpack Hustle.

*photo by JTR

**I'll update with edits and photos.

Lord of Griffith lll: Sponsor Package: Outlier

Outlier is back for round three. They sent along two of their Merino T-shirts, and a pair of their Summer Shorts.

Thanks Guys! Racers, get your legs ready!

Rider Profile: Fabian Vazquez

Fabian Vazquez, another one of those young beasts that LA is producing right now. I have watched this young man in the last year go from geeky on the bike to getting 2nd Road, 4th overall in the Wolfpack Crash race this past weekend. Then he went home napped, got up and raced in Sanctioned race. What did I do? Rode home and slept all day. Ya'll need to really watch out for all of these young guys, I'm talking about, they will be LA's cycling future. I expect big things from Fabian and his stable of bikes.