12 July, 2011

Crucifixed Poker Run

Last minute race this weekend in Oakland! Crucifixed Bicycle Club is running "Crucifixed Poker Run" on Saturday. If you've never done a poker run, the general format includes 5 stops and playing cards at each location. Whoever has the best hand in the end wins. It's not always about speed, but more lady luck. It's going to be an easy race so there's no reason to not to come out.

Time : 1-4pm
Location : The gazebo at Lake Merrit
Fee : $5

- Six Nguyen

HTC Detour

Homies doing it big in Poland! Santos! Sick with it.

Encino Velo: Summer Series

Starts Tomorrow! Yay!

Hours After Midnight

Hours After Midnight from duraath on Vimeo.

I need to be riding at night more often.


Track bikes in the streets at least.

Landlords Cycling

Wonka on Chrome

Wonka on Chrome Familia from Chrome Bags on Vimeo.

Chrome rocks! Congrats to Wonka.

Hold Fast x Congo Straps

The big homie has his own straps. I like that, you should too.

You can only get them at City Grounds.

Cadence x DVS: Rico-CT

Finally dropped! I need to find these before my trip.

Swoop here online.

Cinelli x DVS: Luster

The Luster's have dropped. Swoop here!