16 September, 2010

Police stops Cyclists.

Awesome, wear your helmet.

It might be late, but I never saw it. Thanks James

Hats, shoes, stickers and now straps?

Nice work Prolly. I'm impressed. We here at TOLA! need to step our game up. Give me some tips when we meet up in Vegas? Or at least bring me, my hat?

You can win these Straps here.


Dzr..... Shoes that everybody who rides wants Now. from James Adamson on Vimeo.

While I like this video, (great promo spot, shout out to Mission Workshop) I really don't like the look of the shoes. However what I do like, is the healthy competition that is popping up. DZR, Mission, Chrome are all coming out with SPD Sneakers at the same time, and the timing is perfect. Everyone is making the switch, to being clipped in. We got an offer to review a pair of one of these systems, so we'll be adding our two cents, to this debate soon enough.