31 August, 2010

Le Professeur...

Your ride has come to an end. You will be missed. Thank you.

I always wanted a Système U hat, you made them look good.

Pretty Funny, but yet weird.

月刊現場 8月 from MKM on Vimeo.

I thought this was fucking funny...

Got it from New direction

月刊現場 6月 from MKM on Vimeo.

Another one from MKM. I really like these, check em all out.

30 August, 2010


WOLFDRAWN x CONGO from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.

Nice edit from the homies...

BFF LA, Plan your week!!!

Opening day!!! See ya'll there!

While I won't be attending this, it looks really fucking good, and hope to see this in the future. I'll see you at the after party!

This is why I won't be attending the Birth of big air... Big fucking day for us! The World Premiere!!! Rides!!! (two of them) Race!!! Movie!!! I cannot wait til Friday.

During the Urban Bike shorts programs, we got LA up in that bitch. All-city lll, Line of sight, Tokyo to Osaka. Go support.

Come hang out with the Nerd Crew...

I will be updating as the week starts, this is just a heads up. Get ready!!!

Oh and there's movies going as well, here's the schedule!

The Young Bloods: Video!

Young Guns from AMBUSHE on Vimeo.

Thanks for putting this edit out, Andrew. Been waiting for it, felt good to give back to the kids. I hope to throw more races like this, the kids in LA are coming up.

27 August, 2010

FireSale & BBQ

This on Sunday!!! Don't forget, help the Kitchen out!!!

Bicycle Dreams

I cannot wait to see this.... plus there's a lot of great movies this year at the BFF. As well as, a ton of events and parties going on. Think of this as your heads up for next week. I'll be posting everyday, what is going on, and what we'll be doing, so keep your eye out for that. Just buy tickets now, I'm sure the all the programs will sell out. The best thing for me besides the huge day on Friday, is that Cubby Boob will have booth on Sunday at the Block party. You know that's where it will be goin down. CBNC!

LDG Traveling....

All City Championship Weekend!! from vincent shim on Vimeo.

Looks like a lot fun!!!

Fortune 700

What better way to spend your Sunday? I will be riding out to this on Sunday, if anyone wants to join and warm your legs up, feel free to meet me at Chinatown Metro, (TT, meet up spot, for the OG's) 1130am, roll out at 12ish. It should be hot day, so be prepared. See you Sunday!

Fyxation Tire

So, I burned through my Rando on my Affinity this week. I was gonna pick up thickslick to throw on, (I got em on my Bareknuckle and love them) when I remembered that I had a Fxyation tire, chillin in the bike closet for some time now. I decided to give it a spin. First impressions: Well, I like to run my tires fully inflated, some times overly. Can't do that with these. It likes to be at 90-100 psi. It says, it can take 110 psi, no it can't, not at all. I went through two tubes putting it up to 110psi. So, don't do that. Lesson learned. Next, they are loud when you skid, it might just because it's the first few days on it, but damn, it's loud. I don't mind that, brings a smile to my face. The Tire profile on the rim is a but much for me, but that might be because it's orange (it's a 28 as well) which I'm sure will grow on me. I'm gonna run it for awhile, and let you know what I think in few weeks or more....

26 August, 2010

BFF 2010 10th Anniversary Alleycat

BFF 2010 10th Anniversary alleycat Race Against Time from crihs on Vimeo.

I see Hern in there!!!

Via Prolly

FTT edits: Hill Bombing in Oslo

FTT edit #1 from Thomas Larsen Røed on Vimeo.

FTT edit #2 from Thomas Larsen Røed on Vimeo.

Great edits.

I guess I'll have to do the Swedish Version, next summer. Andy, you gotta learn how to ride a track bike.

Via Team Flwrider


I hate that I miss shit like this. Been rollin solo too much lately. Just cause I'm hosting events and showing up at races, doesn't mean I'm riding. Commuting to work is taking up most of that riding time. Looks like you guys have so much fun every Wednesday. Jealous.

Photo by Beaver!

Burlesque n' Beers

You should go to this.

25 August, 2010

Wear a helmet.

Please wear a helmet. My good friend Juan, was hit and run today. He was hit on Alvarado and Sixth st. around 1030am. If you know that hill, it's no joke. Three lanes full of traffic, semi-steep hill all trying to beat those real short lights on Alvarado, (this is the start to mine and Juan's commute everyday) he was hit going 25+mph, the only thing that happened to his bike was his non-driveside crankarm was ripped off at the spindle of the BB. Of course, he has road rash and a sore body, thank god he wore his helmet today. I implore you all to wear your helmet, I realize it should be choice, and not a law. For your friends and families sake, wear your fucking helmet. I'm glad your okay, big dog...

If, by any chance you saw this go down this morning or heard of it, and have any info please contact us here. Thank you.

Allee: Exodus

I forgot the homies from Allee. A last minute Sponsor for the Lord of Griffith ll. Local company, just getting off the ground. Great hip bags, awesome design. It was a nice addition to the prize pot. They also kicked one down to the "Youngbloods Race" the day before. Good looking out. I want one.

If you want one or more info on Allee, email Jeff at lazarodesigns@gmail.com

Thanks Homie, sorry it took me a minute.

Prolly pre-order, or not to Prolly pre-order?

Dope, good looking hat from Prolly. I always wanted my own hat, and I'm stoked for you, John. I really like it and pre-ordered one. You should too. Joe, so now Prolly has a hat, Zlog has a hat, Tracko has a hat, I think we need to make this hat thing happen.

Pre-order here.

Japan, you get the best shit.

Dustin, hook us up!

MASH Photo Spot

It's a really cute idea, and a good way to get your stickers up everywhere...

Why? Here's the why... and get em here.

The intended purpose is for it's user to offer up a suggested location for others to create a scenic image of their own. A play on Kodak's original Photo Spot campaign found in theme parks, and national parks around the world. We look forward to this being an ongoing icon for others to share their own favorite locations from rides around the world. Send us your photo, and we will be adding them to a photo series at mashsf.com

Pretty neat.

Skate Park Day

Skate Park Day from steven jensen on Vimeo.

Always stoked to see the homies from Seattle ripping it up. I keep saying I'll be up soon, but life, throws you curve balls some time, and then your Parents decide to visit, then it's Interbike, so the end of next month, I'll be there. Keep killing it!!!

via Zlog

24 August, 2010

The Juice VS. Chain Gang

The Juice VS. Chain Gang from Beaver Beavs on Vimeo.

C'mon Juice...

Tony V's Poster Campaign to save us.

While I applaud the effort, and thank the city for creating this Campaign, I can't help but think how comical this poster is.
I mean, why so cartoony? I wish this was a little more serious of a poster. I'm not talking about blood and guts. Just something that gives it a human edge. Ya, feel me? Good work in any case, as long as there is more awareness, that's what matters.

My roadie.... Some day soon, hopefully.

Bike rumor this week has been doing a break down of Felt's 2011 line. I really want the F3. My first real track bike was a Tk2, I'm rebuilding it right now, for Track only, I plan on in the future continuing with Felt for my Track only bikes, and would love to have a fleet of them... So, Homies at Felt, if you're reading this, you have a life long fan, that wants stick with you, but could really use a discount on his first roadie in 7-8 years....


Nice find, Simon the Beast!


The OG shit. Want.

Hit this link, to see all the new Supreme hats.

23 August, 2010

Great flyer

LA GARIBALDINA from Pindaro on Vimeo.

I love this....

Thanks Tracko

FireSale & BBQ

Food, deals, bikes on Sunday! Help the Kitchen clear out the pantry!

I'll remind you later this week.

Chrome: Summer Sabotage Video Contest

More Contests!!! Yay! Interesting way of getting votes, good use of Facebook.

Deets from the homies at Chrome:

Summer Sabotage Rules & Regulations
1) Capture a video of someone being sniped with a water balloon.
2) Enter your submission on the Chrome website. The deadline for submission is Monday, September 13th, 10am, PST.
3) Post your video to the Chrome Facebook Fan Page for everyone to see.
4) Following the deadline, Chrome will then re-post the top 5 videos on the Chrome Fan page for a chance to win.
5) Wake the town and rack up votes for your video. Fans can vote for their favorite video by commenting or clicking the "like" button underneath the corresponding video of their choice ("likes" count for half). The most voted video wins. The winner will be announced on Thursday, September 16th, 11am, PST.
6) Winner receives a limited edition Chrome buckle bag featuring Artwork by SF’s own Lil’ Tuffy!
Submitted videos will become property of Chrome for use at approved discretion.

Death before Derailleur

I like this, I'm a Track bike Fascist. I own three, and have two more that aren't mine stored at my house...
Get some Gears? I think not. Hahahah, naw I came from a road bike and I am saving my duckets to get a fancy new one. Them mountains are calling me..

Get the poster here, they also have T-shirts.

Nice find from the homie at PC.

Murder of Couriers

There are a lot of rad videos out today....

I like this one.

All you can eat Race: New Edit

ALL YOU CAN EAT RACE JULY 2010 from Royal Black on Vimeo.

Bewm, they fixed it. It's just when you work on something, even though it's just a race, it's nice to get some love for it. Thanks to Royal Black for fixing our issue with the edit. Be on the look out for the StrykerLA x Royal Black colab!!!

To live and ride in L.A. Official Trailer

I, cannot wait for this.

Check it here.

Go to the Premiere on Sept 3rd.

Join me on my ride to it.

If you're coming from the Westside, follow Beaver.

Once there, race this, before the Premeire.

After it all, lets make party. Bewm

19 August, 2010

Barry McGee Unicanitor

I want this Saddle, or I should say, Jen Mercer, you should get this saddle...

Via PC

World premiere

Here it is. A date. Finally... So stoked. This is gonna be a good night. First, there will be two group rides into DTLA, one from the Westside (Beaver hosts from LAB), and one from the Eastside (I'm hosting from O20) meeting at the Downtown Independent. Where DTLA's Finest will be hosting a Alleycat! "Tour de Cinema" Last years was fun as shit, so expect this one to just as good if not better! For those of you not racing, I'll be hosting bikes games in front of the Theatre, Games TBA, but the prizes will be killer. (Longest Fakie wheelie, perhaps?) There will be Bike Valet, and tons of fun the whole evening, after parties and what have you. Just be sure to get a ticket!!!

I will be updating with race and ride info as I get it. Just Save the date!!!

Latic Acid

Best Ten bucks, I have spent in a little bit.

Thanks Flwrider!

18 August, 2010

Cineli CMWC 2010 hat

Want this hat.

CWMC 2010

Get it here.

Nice find Ash!

Hella Juiced

I am so happy with this kit. I you didn't get one you missed out. Be on the look out for the Juice Cycling club on the streets near you.

17 August, 2010

The Lord ll: Video

The Lord of Griffith II from AMBUSHE on Vimeo.

Thanks Andrew

There will be more....

So good.

Thanks for the kind words on Sunday, I'm glad you had a great race, Congrats on third!!

Pics by Devon!!!

BFF: "to Live and ride in LA" premiere

Finally, it's happening. I'm so stoked for this years BFF, it's really gonna be a good one. We got the premieres of two long awaited movies, "Wolfpack All-city team race lll", and "To live and ride in LA" ("To live, is on Friday Sept 3rd at 930pm, "All-city, ?) Two epic films that will show the best of Los Angeles street cyclist's... Trafik has asked us to handle pre-show festivity's (alley-cat/ bike games) and work together with Beaver, who I think is hosting a ride from the westside to the premiere on Friday. Check back here for deets as it gets closer.

Get tickets here.


Dirtbags: Jesus M. & Josh G. from DirtBags on Vimeo.

Nice edit from the homie Josh

16 August, 2010

The Lord ll: Results

What a race. 54 people entered, 37 finished. 21.65 miles (if you didn't know the shortcut, which I will address) I feel really good and very proud of what went down yesterday, gotta give it up to all the racers for coming out and doing it, it's a tough one and next year it'll only get harder. Big thanks to all the volunteers and photo hounds, Filmer's and spectators. Thanks to the Ronin gallery and my doods for playing some awesome mixes yesterday. We went through almost 40 cases of PBR in less then 3 hours.
Impressive, thanks Pabst! Now to the race.
Bud Abille won the Frame and Bag, Congrats! I really hope you consider what I said about passing it off next year, and really keep this race alive. Rlyo got second, (Bud's Cousin) god job! Our very own Tracko, got third!!! Carla and Molly got first girl, and Jonnell got 1st under 18. Now I will say some thing about the route, in the months leading up to the race, I did clearly state that the backside of the park is where this race will be won, there are a few ways, through the park that make your route shorter. Bud and Rylo, did that, they came up from LBC and scouted routes, trained and got to know the park. Kyle, that's his back yard, and knows it better then anyone. This race is called the Lord of Griffith, and a complete Knowledge of the park is a must, as it was clearly stated months leading up to the race. Besides, the fact that it is a street race and as serious as some of you want to take it, it's still just a street race. It's meant to be fun and challenging, not taken as full sanctioned race, with course officials, judges, marked course or what have you. This something that we're trying to build towards here at TOLA!, be on the look out for that with our future races. Plus, there's always next year for those of you who feel jipped in some way. Thanks to all the sponsors, you guys made this a great day, and everyone who finished walked away with something. Thank you!

I'll be updating with Videos, at some point this week. Thanks again to everyone involved!

First photo by Simon, Click for the ending action, if someone could make a Gif out of that, that would be awesome.
Wheelie by Beaver

15 August, 2010

14 August, 2010

Race safe and hard tomorrow.

I'll have a cold beer waiting for you at the end.

Thanks to Pabst, for being the final piece to the puzzle.

The Young Bloods: Results

Wow, what a good race. I really love that 25 guys under 20 came out to race our Youngbloods race. It's really inspiring to see this. Our youngest racer was 14 oldest I belive was 19. Pretty fucking cool. Big ups to Turtle for winning overall, and Props to Jonnell for winning the under 17 catagory, enjoy those hoops! Big thanks to DTLA's finest for throwing it with us, Juan gets huge props for making it happen, the route the food the sponsors, good work my dood! Thanks to all the sponsors, Chubby Boob, Orange20, Echo park Cycles, LAB, Allee, TOLA!, Veglife, and to JTR for being so genourus with his donations, Turtle enjoy that SHO-AIR Kit.

13 August, 2010

Wolfpack All-City Team Race lll

Wolfpack All City Team Race 3 Teaser from Bicykiller on Vimeo.

Holy Crap, I can't wait for the BFF!!! Good find Beaver.

3 Feet please!

Joe found this, and I had to share it. We both really like these jersey's and this movement. It's is really dangerous out there for us, in the streets, I cannot count how many times I have been buzzed this week alone. It's nerve racking. Just give us some space, it's not that big of a deal, you're in a car, an extra 5 seconds of your time to create a safe space is gonna not kill you, but you might kill me if you don't. Thanks.

Here's the deets and the link to where you can pick one up.

While cycling is safe, sharing space on our roads is becoming hazardous and as our numbers grow we must find ways to protect ourselves. In addition to knowing and following the rules of the road, we can solve the majority of our problems by riding visibly and predictably. But, then there's the motorist and more must be done to educate them on the importance of sharing the roads we all own and giving us at least 3 feet of clearance when they pass us from the rear.

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: Pake

Super Stoked on this. Pake, I feel very lucky to be able to give a away a frame for such an epic race. Especially, since the frame hasn't come out yet. So fucking cool. The frame won't be ready until September, but Pake has sent something pretty cool, in it's place. Something I would put in Shadow box and hang on the wall. The winner of this race is coming away with some pretty big prizes, and just wanna thank all the sponsors again, but most of all We here at TOLA! want to thank all of you, for supporting us during our first year. Race safe and race hard on Sunday.

Stuff Happening Today.

Dope art at the Homies Gallery. Plus you can see where you are partying on Sunday!

Seattle!!! Go see who wins the Mission Workshop Bag!!!

Steven Jensen: Tail Whip

Holy shit. Tail whip. Steezin....

Thanks to ZLOG for posting this.

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: Burro Bags

This bag is sick as fuck. I wish I was racing for it. I really want to say Big Thanks to the Homies at Burro Bags for hooking it up. You guys really came through for me. Thank you. I've been noticing Burro, popping up, here and there in the last year. I really wanted a custom bag for the winner, and saw they were creating bags for east coast races. I wanted one for the LA. Got a pretty dope one, too. Bewm.
I just kind of want to put this out there, as you can see. a lot of the sponsors are local to LA or small business, from around the country. These Companies came through for you guys, and I would hope you go out and support them, and tell people about these companies. I mean, it's pretty fucking cool that they take the time to create custom stuff, or give away their product for a street race. Thanks to all the sponsors... (Still one more to go though, the other money prize)

LASR Los Angeles Sprint Race by James & Tony Z: Results

Hern won. Good job dude.

Thanks James and Tony Z!

Photos by DTLA's Finest. MBC!!!
More pics here!

12 August, 2010

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: CBNC

CBNC! Of course, The Nerd Crew was gonna be a Sponsor. My doods, my friends, my team. I feel so blessed to be apart of Chubby Boob. The best guys and gals a ginger can have. The talent runs so deep, in this crew, it's amazing. Design, work ethic, music talent, writing ablities, riding skills, art, networking, promoting, you name it, we got it. The best part is, is that we're family, and friends first. I would never trade the Nerds for anyone else, even on our worst days. So much fun goes down when we're all together, but when we're apart all of our shit gets done. I love you guys. I can't wait for tonight, and the rest of the weekend. CBNC por vida.

This is tonight. Ya'll better come out. Then we can roll to the race.

Fixed defixF

Fixed defixF from DanNasser on Vimeo.

Me likey.

Via Locked cog

LASR Los Angeles Sprint Race by James & Tony Z

This gonna be a good one. Head to head sprints, to see who is the fastest in LA's streets... So good. I'm really excited for this weekend and tonight is the start of it! Here's the deets from the Z Brothers:

Who is the Fastest???? Fixed or Road ??? Come and find out or Try out!!!!! This race is about Speed and Strength not endurance. This is an open race to all !!!Two racers at a time about 1/8 of mile up stadium way. Drag race style. Meet at Dodger Stadium lower parking lot. Pls be on time. Registration at 7pm ,Race starts at 830pm. Be early lots of racers expected. 5$ entry fee. winners gets: 3rd entry fee, 2nd $10, 1st Takes the rest of the money $$$$$$$$ in each category. YOU CAN ONLY RACE IN ONE CATEGORY!!!! NO DRAFTING or you will be DQ. Hope to see you all there at our first event by James and Tony Z. Spoke cards will be past out!!!

All riders will be TIMED!!! Top 3 riders in each category with the fastest times win!!
Rules: EACH RIDER WILL HAVE 1 RUN. Standing Start. If you have a mechanical and show the referees that you got a flat tire or something broken!!!! We will give you 1 more pass. Each rider will be timed for each category, from start to finish. If you feel like you can go faster and want to do a 2nd run for the money!!! without a mechanical , it will cost you $5 again to do another pass that will go into the prize pot. You can choose who you want to race against in same category, for all you grudge matches, or side bets . The rest will race against whoever is left. If you happen to be the last person with no one to race against, you can do a run by yourself, or pick someone and tell the starter (tony Z).

At the finish of both category , I will have the fastest Fixie vs. fastest Roadie!!!!!!!
This will be the only rolling start race.

For all spectators please let us finish the race for the fixes and roadies , then you can have your own races for fun. Everyone not racing pls stay on the sidewalk or parking lot. There is plenty of room for everyone to see the whole drag race. Please lets keep it safe and trouble free . Thanks and hope to see you there

Meet up @ 7PM Aug 12, Thursday
Elysian Park ave / Stadium Way
Lower Parking Lot towards LA Fire Dept
1722 Stadium Way, La , Ca 90026 (MAP QUEST only)


After party @
Little Joy Echo Park
1477 W. Sunset Blvd
LA, CA 90026

Map of Meet up & Race / Click on Picture to Launch 360 view to see 1/8 mile drag race course. START will be at light pole on right in picture. FINISH at 3rd light pole up.

How the prizes work:

3rd PLACE in fixie and roadie will receive a Bronze Medal, 1 Black limited edition Spoke Bracelet , and $5.00 (entry fee back)

2nd PLACE in fixie and roadie will receive a Silver Medal, and a Pair of Serfas Seca TIres
valued at $50.00 or more sponsered by Rolling Cowboys. Winners will have to go to shop to receive prize !!!!!

1st PLACE Fastest fixie and roadie will receive Gold Medal and Money Pot Prize per catagory!!!!!!
I am estimating 20 or more people racing in each catagory which money pot will be well over $100.00

To the winner of the Fastest fixie vs Fastest Roadie will receive an additional Gold Medal which says Victory Fastest Overall

Hope to see you all there !!! Race starts at 830pm SHARP !!!!! Registration starts at 7pm at Finish Line.

Ya'll ready?

Stranger edit


Scootie. Gnarly.


11 August, 2010


GODSPEED from California is a place. on Vimeo.

"My name is Brandon, and I'm a badass" So good. This edit rocks. Saw it at Prolly's and had to share. Check out the other Videos on their Vimeo page, well worth it.

Chrome Anniversary Bag

15 years of making bags.... Congrats!!!

Get it!

Calling out racers...

Since Hern choose to stir the pot, I'm gonna add a little more fuel to the fire. I was kind of mad at what was said, and thought it was cocky, at first. Then after re-reading it a few times, the mean stuff is not his words, he just repeated them. I'm not mad at it, it's funny. I think Hern wants what I want, good races. What I want to see happen this week, is that people come out and put their money where their mouth is. Give LA a week, we will never forget. So I'm calling all of you out. Put up or shut up. Oh, and Yes, All- City lll was the biggest race of the year, last year. The Marathon Crash race was the biggest race of this year, hands down. I give Wolfpack huge props for getting massive numbers of people out to their races. I respect that. Sorry Hern, The Lord of Griffith, like all the races we throw, are for Street racers in Los Angeles. Good work though, I wish there was All-City llll, this year. Why not?

PS. This is all in fun. It's Street racing, not that serious. I hope to see all of you, this week at all three races/ events. Good Luck, and be safe.

Photo by Mikey Walley! Here's a link to his flickr (sorry for just the photo credit, but no link Playboy!)

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: Knice

Bewm. The homie. Knice. Down for you. I really expect big things from this cat, in the next year. Some of the ideas ha has for clothing, and the designs he has shown me are really dope. Street cyclist wear. Super good designs but functional for the everyday rider. Anything that makes me look good on a bike, I'm down with, and the fact he's a friend, just makes it better. Keep up the good work, and you better race on Sunday.

PS. If your going to Interbike, you can set up an appointment with the Man himself! See you there.