18 September, 2011

Interbike 2011: Day One: Chrome

Interbike 2011, first day!!! Chrome was the jam. Our home girl Corinne
gave us a tour of their new bag lines, and shoes. Here's a teaser
post, with more on way!!!

Interbike 2011: Day One: Cadence

Cadence has a booth for the first time. It's dope.
Here is a sneak peak at one of his new new sweaters. The Model: Yung Marc Marino

LOW... So dope.

Interbike 2011: Fwends

Fwends at Interbike... The last two years, it seems that the meeting spot
has become Missionworkshop... Cool kids club. Hahaha. Enjoy some
of these photo of the homies that Joe took. I'll do my own tonight,
when I get me camera cord at home.