25 March, 2011

This weekend, I better see all of you.

Saturday night is Sound.wavs, click flyer for details, hope to see ya'll there.

Then on Sunday, Stryker LA and TOLA! are throwing a benefit race for Japan.
$5 bucks to race, all money going to the Red Cross, no excuses, be there.


The finish line for the race is at another benefit that we joined forces with.
No excuses, be there. There is bake sale, so feel free to bake away for it, or bring cash
to pick one of the many live printed on scene t-shirts, that with be up for sale.
You can also bring anything you think is needed over in Japan for donation here.
Everything helps. I better see you there.

Benefit Race

Benefit event

Look what I picked up.

This package pickup has quite a story behind it. It starts over three weeks ago with me winning a bid on ebay
for a set of Reynolds Recons. It ends with me riding from Fedex in K-town, to my house, with a Reynolds
Wheelset box strapped to my back (I love my Mission Workshop Vandal). It was a perfect ending to this story that seemed like it was gonna go horribly for me.