22 June, 2011



I miss living in Hawaii.

Buy a shirt for a good cause.

A few weeks ago, I bought this shirt at an event and totally spaced on who I had gotten it from. The printer hit me up,
and actually came over to my house. He gave me this shirt in the photo above. The very first
shirt he had ever printed. It was a thank you for giving his shirts props on the blog. His name
is Felipe and he will selling more shirts at the "To live & Ride in LA" screening this week. He was
on the ride that got hit last week. Everyone should by a shirt from Felipe at the event, the money
will be going back to the victims. He told me the story of being there and watching his homies get run over.
Hard to hear about. My heart goes out to Felipe and his crew. My deepest thanks for such an awesome gift.

Road Runner bags: Review

A few weeks ago, Brad from Road Runner bags hooked me up with a hip bag and
cell phone pouch. Now comes my two cents on them.

Fixed Fest 2011: Results

Good to at least some of USA guys came away with wins! Congrats!


Three years of Zlog: Sale

Congrats Zach, here's to many more years! Head over to Zlog for a sale!

Wolfpack Hustle. LA Marathon Crash Race ll: BFF

Big week for LA and Cycling films...

See the Crash Race ll if you are in NYC for the BFF!