28 July, 2011

26 July, 2011



bedovelo twin fixed schlumpf beltdrive system

Not sure if Sean had posted this yet, but this is a pretty cool. I LIKE!


22 July, 2011

L.A. gets toughest bicyclist protections in the land

This week, the Los Angeles City Council approved a new ordinance with tough measures against drivers who harass bicyclists. It prohibits motorists from distracting, threatening or assaulting cyclists. Moreover, it awards a minimum liability of $1,000, even in the absence of damages, plus lawyer fees for successful complainants. However, if the driver wins the case, the ordinance does not provide for his or her legal fees. According the Los Angeles Times, the president of the League of American Bicyclists, Andy Clarke, said no other city offers bicyclists an equivalent civil recourse. "It's a groundbreaking move," he said. But does it go too far? Does it create too much incentive for cyclists and their lawyers to pursue frivolous cases? Or is a strong correction on car culture necessary? What do you consider harassing or distracting behavior on the road?





Below is an Image from her current line!


WOW...That new new exercise swag... LOL

There is only one word for this Roberto Cavalli Ciclotte exercise bike and that’s BITCHIN’! We at 10 Towers would all love some bitchin’ bikes to replace our office chairs. Working up a sweat at our desks will remove the need to visit a gym after work- which means more time spent in the local boozer. Our slightly alcoholic concept of remaining health conscious, aren’t we fabu?!



21 July, 2011

Heli Test #1

LATE? Dont Care.. Good Work

15th Annual Graffiti Arts Festival | SF

SF's an open hub for artists of all kinds and this Saturday, July 23rd, Portrero Del Sol Park will host its 15th Annual Graffiti Arts Festival.


- Live music and DJs
- Youth Skate Park Competition
- Skate Deck Painting
- Stencil Station

Anyone can come. There will be free brushes, paint, and even aerosol cans. Previous years have hosted BBQ, with free grub, with water and soda. The event goes from 1-6 so swing it because Dolores Park's gonna be stupid.

- Six Nguyen

Young L and Low Limit Recap

After Crucifixed's Poker Run on Saturday, I was at Som to check out Low Limit (Lazer Sword) and Young L (The Pack) throw down for the Colt 45 Party. I was really impressed by both acts coming hard and it wasn't the $2 Colt 45 Blast that made me think that.

Check out the set here.

19 July, 2011

Salt The Wounds - Words With Richie Mac

BY : Johny Cook
video of Richie Maciver which involved his up and coming shoulder operation. This has an interview with him plus riding footage from Inverness and Aberdeen.

Salt The Wounds - Words With Richie Mac from Johny Cook on Vimeo.

SF: TONIGHT MONO/POLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YO BAY AREA!!! Get your ass out to SOM TONIGHT!
@brainfeeder @SOMsf


MONO/POLY (Brainfeeder) *LIVE*

with Residents DJs:

SOM. 2925 16th st.
San Francisco, CA
DOORS 10pm | 21+ | only $4.00

Thug Jazz and Riot Funk, Psyche Madness and Funk Rock layered with the hardest and dirtiest instrumental and dub beats from around the world

Drink Specials:
$4 WELLS!!!
$2 Pabst Blue Ribbon
$3 Tecate
$7 Tecate + Shot of Tequila or Bourbon

Like I said, Imma gonna post more Bay Area shit, since I live here now. But don't trip, Sean Will still be posting bike coverage and jams out in LA.


I love this guys music right now...
OUT NOW!! UK bass music label Hemlock has released "Order" b/w "Pan", the new single from electronic production wunderkind James Blake. Below, stream both sides of the single.

P.S dont't forget to make it out to LA's #1 Bi-weekly event SOUND.WAVS

James Blake: "Order"

James Blake: "Pan"


MIRAGES by Sabrina Ratté

Such Awesome Visuals.

MIRAGES from Sabrina Ratté on Vimeo.

Vidéo: Sabrina Ratté
Musique: Le Révélateur

18 July, 2011

The Cyclist (Portrait of Jacques Le Bewm).

The Cyclist (Portrait of Jaques Le Bewm). 30x40 inch. © 2011 Christopher Mudgett Peep more out on his facebook.. - www.christophermudgett.com

Check out some RAD ART!!!

15 July, 2011

Off to Sweden

I'm off to Sweden in a few hours, I'll be gone til August sometime. I will try to post from the road,
but don't count on it! It's my vacation! Hwever, I will be meeting with riders, shops, builders during my travels,
so be ready for ton of updates on the cycling happenings over in Sweden, Denmark and Greece!
Have a great few weeks without me and Stay Crassy.

14 July, 2011


Go to these this weekend. I'll be thinking of you guys while I'm traveling.

Video Round Up ll

Michael Chacon X Estevan Oriol X Falken Tire - Taking the Ford Flex to the Westside from Estevan Oriol on Vimeo.

Here's a few edits making the rounds today. I'm being lazy today.

13 July, 2011

LAB: Alfonso Garcia

Alfonso Garcia from LA Brakeless on Vimeo.

Cab3 was sick. Alfonso Garcia for LAB.

Congrats to the Z-Boys.

Congrats to our friends Tony and James Zaldua for Winning Team Sprint Race at
Masters Track State Championships, this past weekend!

Photo by Pat Benson

Chrome: Niko

Chrome has a new utility bag, the "Niko". It's a sling camera bag. Pretty smart for them
to come out with this bag. So many Cyclists are photohounds and are forever looking for ways to carry
all that crap. Check out more details and a contest that Chrome is running along with the release.

Zlog: Drop Bars not Bombs

Our homeboy Zach has re-stocked his "Drop Bars not Bombs" Tanktop.


Mission Workshop: AP Series messenger bags

Mission Workshop always dropping that New New. I still love my Vandal and my Shed.
Amazing bags made in the good old USA.

"The AP Series messenger bags feature the Arkiv® closure system and are made with a 1000d VX Cordura outer layer laminated to a PTFE membrane, resulting in an exceptionally durable and waterproof barrier to the elements. They feature a weatherproof roll top main compartment which can be used in either the "roll top" mode, or in the traditional "flap down" configuration.

The AP Series messenger bags also feature quick-access outboard pockets, internal zippered pockets, custom aluminum strap hardware, and detachable cross-chest stabilizer. Large zippered pocket fits laptop computers such as the 15in MacBook Pro (medium size only), 13in MacBook Air, or iPad.

Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty."

12 July, 2011

Crucifixed Poker Run

Last minute race this weekend in Oakland! Crucifixed Bicycle Club is running "Crucifixed Poker Run" on Saturday. If you've never done a poker run, the general format includes 5 stops and playing cards at each location. Whoever has the best hand in the end wins. It's not always about speed, but more lady luck. It's going to be an easy race so there's no reason to not to come out.

Time : 1-4pm
Location : The gazebo at Lake Merrit
Fee : $5

- Six Nguyen

HTC Detour

Homies doing it big in Poland! Santos! Sick with it.

Encino Velo: Summer Series

Starts Tomorrow! Yay!

Hours After Midnight

Hours After Midnight from duraath on Vimeo.

I need to be riding at night more often.


Track bikes in the streets at least.

Landlords Cycling

Wonka on Chrome

Wonka on Chrome Familia from Chrome Bags on Vimeo.

Chrome rocks! Congrats to Wonka.

Hold Fast x Congo Straps

The big homie has his own straps. I like that, you should too.

You can only get them at City Grounds.

Cadence x DVS: Rico-CT

Finally dropped! I need to find these before my trip.

Swoop here online.

Cinelli x DVS: Luster

The Luster's have dropped. Swoop here!

11 July, 2011

Levi's Commuter Launch: Orange20: Recap

O20 hosted an opening party this past Saturday for the new Levi's 511 Commuter jeans.
Free beer, pizza and a chance to buy your own pair of the 511s brought a ton of people out.
Old and new faces checking out the goods and discussing how these jeans will be to ride in.
Then after the party was done, we all went next door to "Faculty" (Formally Pure Luck)
for a very soft opening, and more free beer. Yay! Big thanks to O20 for hosting this.
Fun night.

Engine NO.11

Our good friend Kevin Kang opened a new shop DTLA. Engine 11. Their opening party was
Friday night. This was the only good photo. Shitty. I'll be doing a bigger post on Engine 11,
in the weeks ahead, but for now I wanna say Congrats and good luck to Kevin!

Engine 11
901 S. Broadway Ave
Los Angeles CA 90015

Fixed Bikedice

I saw these at O20 this past weekend. "What a silly thing", I thought. Then I come across
this edit this morning and the dice actually work.

Fixed Bikedice. Venice Beach. Michael Chacone, Steve Marco, Rory Mcdermott and Jamil Grey. from Bikedice on Vimeo.

City Grounds: Open House July 2011

City Grounds Open House | July 2011 from City Grounds on Vimeo.


08 July, 2011

Rickshaw Bags 4th Anniversary Party Recap

Rickshaw's 4th Anniversary Party was crackin. I was in attendance shooting bike portraits and people. They had a variety of food that seemed to be free til they ran out, and Rickshaw staff made frequent trips to the liquor store. Pro tip: If you see one messenger, buy more beer.

Chubby Potter

Tribute to HP from CBNC.

LA Happenings.

Here are a two other events this weekend. Click on links.

Engine No.11 Opening Party (Kevin Kang's new shop)

Kittypack vs The World (team race)

07 July, 2011

MASHSF: Histogram frame-set: Shipping Next week

First round has arrived at MASH's distributor. They will be sent out next week.
Bet you guys are excited!

Rickshaw Bags: 4th Anniversary Party

Tonight, Rickshaw Bags is having a party to celebrate their 4th Anniversary Party. If you're unfamiliar with them, they have made quite an impression running out of the Dogpatch sponsoring events like Supermarket Street Sweep. I'll be there taking photos to help out with the event so don't hesitate to say hi. Check out their Facebook page. Otherwise, here are the details:

Thursday, July 7 · 5:00pm - 8:00pm

Rickshaw Bagworks
904 22nd Street @ Minnesota
San Francisco, CA

Details From Rickshaw:
Like all good birthday's we'll have plenty of FREE goodies including beer, ice cream, music and food:
• THREE special ice cream flavors from Mr. and Mrs. Miscellaneous
• Le Truc offering snacks
• Bi Bim Bap Bowl snacks
• Speakeasy Beer and Hansen's Natural Soda
• Bike Portraits
• Give aways and prizes
• Sneak Peak of our new fall performance tweed colors
• Factory tours
• Piano Bike music in house.

*Birthday Offer: Free accessory with purchase!

TOLA Welcomes Featured Guest Blogger: Chris Nguyen

We have a lot of changes happening here at TOLA over the next few months.
The Real Legit Website, that Joe has been working on is almost done. It'll give a cleaner look to the blog,
smoothness to it, there will be online store, stocked with TOLA products for sale. Which will include our
own apparel line as well as collabs with other brands, fun silly shit, and some things ya'll ain't never thought of.
We are super excited for this website launch and really wouldn't be happening with your support. All of you, from
the readers of this blog everyday, the people that come out to our events year after year and of course our friends and family.
Without all of you there would be no TakeoverLosAngeles. Thank you for your support!

The first change that will be happening this week is we are introducing Chris Nguyen as Featured Guest Blogger.
There is a lot of stuff happening in SF and we want to be able to cover it. Joe and I thought Chris
would be the best man for the job. He will Guest Blog from time to time on things happening in SF.
Chris is a very solid rider, good friend and great photographer. He currently runs Proper Hustle, a great
blog in itself and you should read it. I'm proud to introduce him to ya'll
and I hope he doesn't fuck up.

Onitsuka Tiger: Mexico 66 2011

This showed up in my mailbox yesterday. Pretty stoked for this re-issue.
I had the 2002 re-issue of the Mexico 66 as my riding shoe for a hot minute. Super comfy
and great fitting sneaker for cages and for riding in general. Lets see if the
up to date version holds up. Keep your eyes out for these at you local sneaker stores,
and hopefully your LBS.

06 July, 2011

Ideum Apparel: Summerish Sale

Ideum Apparel hit me with their Summerish Sale flyer. Great deals going on.
T-shirts starting at $7!!! Swoop...

LDG X Hurley: Phantom 4D

Nate from LDG just set this over. The new LDG X Hurley Phantom 4D collaboration whip. Only 5 were produced,
you'll be able to catch them at select Hurley events, starting with the Salvation Malibu store opening event.

Read up and catch more photo details of the Collaboration here!

Levi's Commuter Launch: Orange20

This Saturday at O20, come celebrate the launch of the new cycling specific jeans and jackets,
by Levi's. I'm stoked! Should be a great time! Beer and Denim? In!

100 Copies: Pure Guts

Love it! Only 61 left out of 100!

Swoop here.

"All of the products you see here are limited to, as the name suggests, 100 copies and is labeled with the title and a unique edition number.
As such, no two copies are ever completely identical."


RHC MILANO from Pietro Malegori on Vimeo.

I only hope one day we could take our races on the road.

La Cerva

La Cerva from Rayyiu Radzi on Vimeo.

Drop bars and Track bikes. The best.

Cinelli x CMWC 2011 Warsaw Cycling Cap

Fuck, I want to go.

Swoop the cap here.

Fyxation: Logo T-Shirt

The homies over a Fyxation sent over this Jem and a heads up to get ready for new product coming out.

Swoop this Tee here for 12.95, and Congrats to Fyxation on two years of hard work!

Details from the guys:
"It’s hard to believe but it’s been 2 years to the day since we delivered our first tire (thanks Ben’s Cycle!). That may not seem that long to you but in dog years that’s 14, which means we’re almost old enough to drive and certainly old enough to have had our first beer. It’s been a fun and wild ride since then and we’re only getting started. Keep an eye on our site this summer for our new saddles, road tire, handle bars, stems and more!"

05 July, 2011

Jamie Staff at the Encino Velodrome

Olympic gold medalist, world champion and USACycling sprint coach Jamie Staff
was at the Enicno Velodrome, showing the finer points of setting up a rider with our pal Jack Lindquist.

Proper Hustle: SF Cargo Bikes/ LA Trip recap

Six has a great photo Recap from the SF homies trip to LA over at his Blog: Proper Hustle.

Go check it out!

Ace goes H.A.M.

At the Two Rabbits Studio sale, this past Saturday, Ace got down. He did a revival session of sorts.
Wheelie's, all sorts of skid combos, Keo spins, Backwards circles, all on a Godzilla with a Woundup fork.
These tricks look so nice on a Track specific bike. Is it time for a revival?

Double-O Crit Team Relay

Looks like a fun time.

DTLA GPX 2011 Summer Series: Results

Friday night was the kick off crit for Summer Series. Riccardo won both Road and Fixed
categories. Congrats my dude, I think JTR is the only other racer in LA to achieve this.
Good shit. I missed the road race, made in time to see the heats of the fixed race.
There were four or five heats, the winner of each heat moved on to the final race. So some
racers had raced over four times by the final. Gnarly. See you all this Friday for race # Two!

Happy late 4th of July!

Happy late 4th of July! We took a few days off from Blog life, to have fun the good old
American way. Fireworks, beer food and friends. Hope it was an awesome day, and
you're not feeling too shitty...

01 July, 2011

LA Native

Came home yesterday to find this chillin by my door. LA Native. Good shit.
I will rock this with pride. Thanks guys.

Here's their manifesto:
"Los Angeles Native is a clothes brand inspired by the City of Angels and it's streets we grew up on. We look to the local skaters, bikers, graffiti artist photographers etc. for inspiration. An L.A. Native can be anyone, you don't have to be born here, you just have to love the city of angels. The streets were our playground growing up as kids and to this day they are still our playground. We're simple people who simply love the city we live in. Be sure to keep an eye on us, we creep while you sleep!>;)"

I totally agree with this. I love LA. TOLA!

Splitting Lanes, Santurce

Splitting Lanes, Santurce from Manuel Vélez on Vimeo.

Love this. Split the lane, always.

Spied at Prolly

Via PRfixed

El Momento premiun de Ceci - Bike Polo from Luis Rafael Robles (Rafi) on Vimeo.

I saw over at PRfixed as well. Very nice!

COG in 16mm (finale)

COG in 16mm (finale) from COG Magazine on Vimeo.

Sad. Last one.

4th of July weekend in LA

What a weekend ahead! First up is kick off Crit for DTLA's Summer series!
I will be missing the first race tonight, foolishly scheduled a 2nd tattoo session
at the same time. I'm gonna hustle to DTLA as soon as it is over and hopefully
jump in on the 2nd race. Then we got BBQ's, races and Music events, the rest
of the weekend. Click on each flyer for details.