07 July, 2011

TOLA Welcomes Featured Guest Blogger: Chris Nguyen

We have a lot of changes happening here at TOLA over the next few months.
The Real Legit Website, that Joe has been working on is almost done. It'll give a cleaner look to the blog,
smoothness to it, there will be online store, stocked with TOLA products for sale. Which will include our
own apparel line as well as collabs with other brands, fun silly shit, and some things ya'll ain't never thought of.
We are super excited for this website launch and really wouldn't be happening with your support. All of you, from
the readers of this blog everyday, the people that come out to our events year after year and of course our friends and family.
Without all of you there would be no TakeoverLosAngeles. Thank you for your support!

The first change that will be happening this week is we are introducing Chris Nguyen as Featured Guest Blogger.
There is a lot of stuff happening in SF and we want to be able to cover it. Joe and I thought Chris
would be the best man for the job. He will Guest Blog from time to time on things happening in SF.
Chris is a very solid rider, good friend and great photographer. He currently runs Proper Hustle, a great
blog in itself and you should read it. I'm proud to introduce him to ya'll
and I hope he doesn't fuck up.


  1. Haha I actually wanted to do a collaboration with you, I have some ideas for shirts and stickers.

  2. Email us at Takeoverlablog@gmail.com

    We are open to all ideas!