30 November, 2009

ten years ago...

Re-post so ya'll don't forget...

Just realized this was ten years ago, goddamn where does the time go?
What crazy week that was, you felt power in the streets by the people you where with and the actions you took...
Then afterwards you felt afraid, and powerless by the city you love by the actions the city took...

via flying coffin and zlog.

Big ups Seattle don't ever forget this, I miss you.

LA Ladies

V con clothes,

and V sans clothes (NSFW) --> HERE <---

and Ali . . .


Pollyn "Still Love"

Pollyn "Still Love" from Pollyn on Vimeo.


Sick Charge/Volume Tarck Bike

Jeffpucket's new fixed gear freestyle bike

From NewJointCity on Trick Track:
Finally got fetup with the tire size issue on my gold volume cutter and was able to trade frames (and a few components) with a friend.

FRAME: Charge Plug
FORK:Volume Fu Manchu
WHEELS: Profile 36h hubs laced to Chukkers
TIRES: Gotham 35c (rear) Armadillo 35c (front)
STEM: Thomson
HEADSET: ChrisKing
BARS: Answer pro-taper
GRIPS: ODI longnecks
SEATPOST: Thomson setback (salsa clamp)
SADDLE: Profile
CRANKS: Profile
BB: Profile
PEDALS: Odyssey Twisteds (with FEETBELTS)
CHAIN: Shadow Conspiracy half link
SPROCKET: Tree spline drive
COG: Surly 14t

Boom! In4mation are killing it!

I'm loving everything these guys are doing.
Deets here at In4mation

"You gotta dig deep!"

This has made it around in the last week, but I had the pleasure of seeing it person at interbike this past sept...

Very pretty, very light. Nice work Garret!

photo by ACEBOOGIE

Olli Erkkila's Newest Creation

Olli Erkkila also made this . . .

DAICHI Interviews HUF!

Click Here to Watch DAICHI ITO Interview HUF on Limited Edition TV!!

Nike AF1 x Livestrong x UNDFTD

Eddie Cruz and UNDFTD have held a strong position in sneaker, style, and sport culture on the West Coast. Having worked with Nike in the past, Cruz and Nike Sportswear have partnered together to rework the iconic Air Force 1.

The sentiment and meaning of this AF1 runs deeper for Eddie Cruz, whom recently suffered a serious personal illness. Creating this shoe with the intention of raising awareness for a good cause was extra motivation and the outcome goes beyond the world of sneakers and sport. “I support LIVESTRONG and Lance Armstrong. He was one of the first people to send me a message of support when I got my brain tumor," said Cruz. "Lance told me to stay strong."

Drops Next week!! So get to UNDFTD and get you pair!

112 1/2 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA
(323) 937-6077

from HERE

San Diego Tweed ride!!!

Lets go, I think I got some tweed sitting around somewhere...

From that amazing shop Velo cult

it's silly I know.

It's the makeover!

Sponge Bob Figurine by Karl Lagerfeld

via WWD