11 August, 2010


GODSPEED from California is a place. on Vimeo.

"My name is Brandon, and I'm a badass" So good. This edit rocks. Saw it at Prolly's and had to share. Check out the other Videos on their Vimeo page, well worth it.

Chrome Anniversary Bag

15 years of making bags.... Congrats!!!

Get it!

Calling out racers...

Since Hern choose to stir the pot, I'm gonna add a little more fuel to the fire. I was kind of mad at what was said, and thought it was cocky, at first. Then after re-reading it a few times, the mean stuff is not his words, he just repeated them. I'm not mad at it, it's funny. I think Hern wants what I want, good races. What I want to see happen this week, is that people come out and put their money where their mouth is. Give LA a week, we will never forget. So I'm calling all of you out. Put up or shut up. Oh, and Yes, All- City lll was the biggest race of the year, last year. The Marathon Crash race was the biggest race of this year, hands down. I give Wolfpack huge props for getting massive numbers of people out to their races. I respect that. Sorry Hern, The Lord of Griffith, like all the races we throw, are for Street racers in Los Angeles. Good work though, I wish there was All-City llll, this year. Why not?

PS. This is all in fun. It's Street racing, not that serious. I hope to see all of you, this week at all three races/ events. Good Luck, and be safe.

Photo by Mikey Walley! Here's a link to his flickr (sorry for just the photo credit, but no link Playboy!)

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: Knice

Bewm. The homie. Knice. Down for you. I really expect big things from this cat, in the next year. Some of the ideas ha has for clothing, and the designs he has shown me are really dope. Street cyclist wear. Super good designs but functional for the everyday rider. Anything that makes me look good on a bike, I'm down with, and the fact he's a friend, just makes it better. Keep up the good work, and you better race on Sunday.

PS. If your going to Interbike, you can set up an appointment with the Man himself! See you there.

Oakely Caps

These are so dope. I heard they are sold out. Sad. Beaver you got some connections.... Get me one. Pink, please.

Swooped from Tracko, who hooked me up with a dope hat yesterday. Thanks dude, I love it.

This week in Los Angeles

Normally, I would post these days of or the day before. Because, it's such a fun filled weeks end, I want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. We got Chubby Boob releases, races, gallery openings, after parties, movies to go see... Plan accordingly. So much fun!!! I'll update each day, with the banger events, hope to see ya'll at all of them.

PS. The flyers are in order of day and time, top to bottom, it's possible to go to all of these. Bewm.