23 December, 2009

Rapha Continental Visits my Home State: Michigan

When is the next B.R.U.N.C.H.

Sarah Sitkin | LA Photographer

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16bit - Tokyo Set Menu Mix

16bit - Tokyo Set Menu Mix by 16bit

Turn your Subs up for this mix!! Enjoy!!


Beat Street Christmas!
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Kilo TT Deluxe at BIKE ISLAND!

Mercier Stepped up their game with these. Italian inspired paint and they even dropped an all Chrome Joint. This frame is a great cheap option for beginners or a commuter you want to abuse. at $224.95 and free shipping It turns out to be a great DEAL!! Cop em Here

BIKE PORN Photo of the day!


lrg photo HERE

DQM Thermal Lined Hoodies

Dave’s Quality Meat’s Thermal Lined hoodie is made of heavyweight materials to keep you toasty, yet maintains a slimmer profile than a jacket. They’re available in navy and black. Available in-store and online.
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Professional Keirin racer Toshihiko TOMITA aka Tomity Shared these photos with us today on LAFIXED. as well as the NYC fixed forum.
These photos are from the Post WWII era, The golden age of Keirin per Tomity. enjoy!!

Shizuoka Ito Keirin Velodrome 333mMap HERE

follow the link below for more photos.

New fitteds @ ECAP CITY

Even though the Sonics don't exist anymore, (sad) this hat is amazing. I wish these were around when the Sonics were still playing. The Warriors hat ain't half bad either. Two sick choices from ECAP CITY. Get em there.

Dr. Romanelli x Fraggle Rock x Cassette Playa T-Shirts

Man, I've been sitting trying remember the words to the theme song for Fraggle Rock, I'm thinking dubstep remix right about meow. I want a tee with Dozers on it though, those lil guys wit the helmets... so gangsta.
Anyways, these tee's are legit.

Get em at colette