21 June, 2011

Congo jumps ship

The big guy has left Volume to go ride for LDG... Power Move? Already updated his FB,
with himself riding the LDG Hammer. We wish him the best!

From Volume:

"Our long time Volume supporter and team rider, Justin “Congo” Mitchell will no longer be riding for Volume. He has decided to take another offer that came his way. Congo had a large amount of influence on many of our past, present, and future Volume fixed products and we are thankful for everything he has done for us. He will still be riding for our sister brand, Resist, where he has his signature bars coming out next month. Everyone at Volume wishes Congo the best of luck in the future!"

Dedication, He has it.

If you didn't know the RAAM is going on right now. I have been keeping tabs on it, as I am truly
fascinated by this race. These guys are fucking nuts and are the gnarliest racers out there.
3000 miles in less then Seven days. WTF.

Alberto Banco is in 3rd place when this photo was taken.
He has covered 1706 miles, 4 days, 17 hours, 55 minutes, average speed 14.98 mph

From the RAAM Blog.

Chu 2011 Bike Check & 1st edit

Hong Kong Rider - Chu 2011 Bike Check & 1st edit from K Birdie on Vimeo.

Clean. Style and the music goes great.



Umbrella had a pop up this past Saturday at the Gravel.pit.
Fun night of Dubstep and Streetwear for skateboards!
I got hooked up with a fitted to show my support.

Thanks dudes!

To Live & Ride in LA: DVD has been released!

Finally! What a crazy ride it has been. We all have been waiting for this film to drop.
Me more then anyone, I can finally see my part on the DVD extra features! LOL.
While it is out on itunes, I encourage all of you to get the DVD, so you can see me,
and the rest of the 40 mins of extra footy!