24 October, 2011

Cycle EXIF Bicycle Calendar 2012

Saw this over at Prolly's Jam and wanted to give our friends props and get you guys to buy a calendar! The Cycle EXIF Bicycle Calendar 2012 is now live and available for purchase. It features 13 of the most beautiful and popular bikes from 2011. Prolly and Tracko had photos chosen for this calendar and it stokes me out to have the homies work featured in it. Good work fellas!

Check the Calendar out here and swoop one while you're there!

Affinity Cycles: Rider Build Contest

Our good friends over at Affinity are throwing a rider build contest. Post your build of a Affinity frame on their FB page and get your friends to like it, then win stuff. I love my Lo-pro, really looking forward to racing on it this coming weekend. I'll update with some of the sicker builds posted on their page as the contest progresses. Enjoy these photos of Jason Yims build from a few months ago or longer.

Details from Affinity:
Over the last week folks have been posting up pictures of their built up Affinity frames. I have to say I have been enjoying it quite a bit. Nothing quite like seeing your bikes decked out looking good. It got me motivated to throw a little contest, it has been a bit since we gave away some shwag.

Here are the rules:

1. Post a picture of your built up Affinity frame on our Facebook wall.

2. Get your friends to “like” or comment on the photo.

3. The picture with the most likes and comments brings home the bacon.

Contest ends Thursday at Noon.

First Place will get an Affinity Jer
sey and a 75 dollar Affinity gift certificate.

Second place gets a set of Custom Affinity/Hold Fast straps and a 25 dollar gift certificate.

3rd place gets nothing.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of tricked out frames all cleaned up and shinny. Show us what you got, and we will hook it up. Happy hunting.

Tarcking under the bridge.

This past Saturday, I got an invitation to come check out a BBQ/ trickcomp/ race under the Seventh St. bridge. Three deep, we rolled to the spot, not really knowing what we were getting onto. Came upon a full film crew and a lot our friends from various walks of urban cycling. From State champs to Professional FGFS to local bike media was there. The setting was awesome, industrial and under the Bridge. Great location. After meeting with the organizers, we came to find out that it was the start of a documentary on under ground cultures and sub-cultures in America (more on that in a upcoming post). Since the filmmakers were LA cyclists, they decided to start with LA bike culture (the best and biggest out there). Trackstand comp and games of footdown started the afternoon off, then Ace, Micheal Chacon and I were asked to judge the FGFS comp, and we got to see the next generation of Trick kids throwing down for us. About 10 entered and we eventually came to the conclusion that Jamil Grey was the overall winner. All though Rory's Fakie wheeelie stole the show for me. I couldn't stay for the whole time (had to rush off to go to roller derby), but it was a fun afternoon in the sun, and it felt like a classic fun day on bikes.

Ace Tarckstanding.


Youth of today.