30 September, 2011

Bamm.tv Site Launch Party - @bammtv

Last Night we stopped by the Bamm.tv Site Launch Party for some Beer (provided by City Beer), some Tacos and Music by INFANTREE and THE STONE FOXES

They had a pretty sweet studio set up, music was good, so I shot some photos.

them yung tacos

I really like what these guys are doing in/for the music scene. Peep the description from their site:

Bamm.tv is a new kind of music company that connects emerging artists, entertainment service providers and audiences worldwide. Through an extensive global content distribution network, the company delivers fresh music video content from hot new artists to the web, mobile devices and television. BAMM.tv gives device makers and service providers a highly differentiated music offering without the hassle and high cost of traditional music licensing, while giving artists absolutely free HD music video content creation, an instant global audience, and 50 percent of the net profits from the music video distribution agreements.


the Stone Foxes

East Coast Messenger Stage Race: Results: Wolfpack Hustle Takes it.

Let hear it for our boys! Wolfpack Hustle went, they saw, they conquered. East Coast Messenger Stage Race, Boston to DC, open to anyone on a bike, any route you want to take and LA smashed it. Wolfpack Hustle swept the poduim, with
Aram Dellalian Grabbing 1st place, Fabian Vazquez and Jon Budinoff took second and third. Fabian got two stage wins,on the first day and the last day. Super proud of Turtle and the cyclist he is becoming. Read more about the race here at Bikeradar. Congrats guys, way to bring the win home!

I have to hear the story behind this photo. The boys fording a river in Maryland... That's how you pull in the win.

ADT Veldrome: 2011 Track Nationals

Spectator nights begin tonight and tomorrow night, at ADT. Bikes, beer, food, bikes, and good old USA pride! Come cheer these future Olympians on! Save the Track bike!

Photo by Dave Gaylinn
Thanks for the flyer Zachary Taka Scott and Kyle.

29 September, 2011

Fast Co. SF

Living and riding in San Francisco, I've had the pleasure of meeting many great cyclists.  Some are fast, others ride with style & there are those who choose to affect the very culture that inspires them. is a group of female cyclists in SF who have come together with a common interest to, "Commemorate the city’s amazing ability to make lasting impressions on its natives, especially its ability to influence people to form & participate in the growth of subcultures and specifically that of track biking" says co-found & rider Kat Tourtelot.  As is with many sports, cycling has long been a male-dominated activity, but these ladies are aiming to make a name for themselves & all women alike. For the 2011 Bicycle Film Festival, Fast Co. produced a short film showcasing their speed & talent on the streets of San Francisco.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIjEoIqBWkA]


Over the next year Fast Co. hopes to inspire female cyclists from all over through organized women's rides, races and with a feature-length film.  We love what these ladies are doing for the cycling scene and can't wait to see what they have in-store for us.

Ericka Ames

Colleen McLaughlin

Cecilia Lanyon

Chelsea Nobbs

Kat Tourtelot

Thanks for the heads up Beaver!

DTLA GPX2011 - Crit#1 Tunnel Vision: Edit

The Bicinity has put up a great edit of DTLA GPX2011, Crit#1 Tunnel Vision.

Wheelmen & Co: Minuteman Messenger Bag- Autumn 2011 Release

Wheelmen & Co have some good looking bags dropping for Autumn. Italian fabric... Lovely.

Italy is known for great wine, great fashion, and great quality. Wheelmen & Co. releases our superior Italian fabric series that feature a houndstooth and Italian poplin for the Minuteman. These "Minuteman bags" are part of our Harvest / Autumn 2011 collection. These bags are limited and available only in our online store.

Wheelmen are also proud sponsors of this Halloween Alleycat.

Livery Design Gruppe: Pursuit MK3

LDG dropped their Pursuit MK3 frame set. We got to see these up close at Interbike this year. Pretty impressive stuff coming out of LDG this year.

During the time we were developing our Pursuit MK2, we were also working on a variant of the frameset, now dubbed the Pursuit MK3. While the two frames are fairly similar, the primary differences are in the rear brake bridge and seat stay curvatures.

We've modeled the geometry after a dual 700C setup and removed the neck-breaking angles that traditional pursuit frames sport. The fork was designed to match this frameset, featuring intricate CNC details and embossed fork caps, to flow with the rest of the frame design.


We also wanna say congrats to our homie Jason Clary for getting picked up by LDG! A solid racer and a crazy guy, stoked for our dude. Now come down here and race!

28 September, 2011


Chubby Boob just dropped the 2011 Fall/ Holiday collection. The growth of CB line collection by collection is amazing. Feel blessed to be apart of it. This was a super fun shoot to be on. Cats, rats, a chicken, a dog, a snake, a pig, oh, and some Betas. Wild animals in streets. Just like us.

Checkout the whole line here, and enjoy these shots from the shoot.

Photos by Minami Haynes

@MASHSF: Cutty Cross Cat Recap

Back at the beginning of September, MASH threw a dirt alleycat through Golden Gate Park. This prelude to the CX season had 36 riders flying through trails, sprinting to the Pacific, navigating Sutro Baths and climbing Strawberry Hill for a 360 view of the city. All riders completed the race and were showered with beer, dogs & prizes at the finish. What a lovely Sunday in the park it was.

Chas's race face


1: Rainier

2: Derek

3: Blake

4: Kyle

5: Chas

6: James J

7: Urie

8: Dylan

9: Garrett

10: Kell

Check out the full set HERE

Pacifica Crossfest: Ace's Photos

Even though Ace was working the Cadence Truck, he still managed to capture the event through the lens of his camera. Here are some choice photos and check the rest here.


Yanco & Tracko: Summer Caps aka Feather Weights

You know me and hats by now and Kyle knows the key to my heart. The Armani Grey Linen and Orange Streak linen summer caps are about to be the newest members of my Tracko hat collection.

Details from Tracko:
Yanco and I have been working on a summer cap for some time now. We're using a much lighter fabric than denim or canvas, we've even shortened the bill to save weight overall. We stuck to the three panel design we are most known for, so the cap would better fit under a helmet. We just wanted a cap that we could use for much longer road rides and racing but still be classy enough to wear out. The pattern has been perfected and I think I've found the perfect material...LINEN!


The Full Frame Collective: Live

Tracko sent this over this morning. The Full Frame Collective is a photo collective filled with people who like to ride bikes and share photos of bikes, be sure to follow this site and check out everything it has to offer. Of course, the first face I see is our homeboy, that Yung Chas from SF. It's a Great interview, write up on everything this guy is doing, and it's TCB Courier's 2nd year anniversary! Congrats on two years, I can't wait to get up to SF and some shit delivered!

*Top Photo by Dylan
*2nd Photo by Jason

Thanks for the heads up Kyle!

Rider Profile - Steven Tortorelli

Let me start this off by saying Steve is one of the more genuine people I have met in a long time, super positive guy. It might be just his youth, but I hope he stays optimistic and doesn't turn in to a Cynic like most of us.

I mean come on, the kid was on his way to visit his parents right after we shot the photos for this interview. Who wouldn't like the guy?

Peep that yung profile below and Happy 2 year anniversary TCB Courier!

what do you ride?

My whips include
Track- 2009 and 2011 Mash Cinelli Bolt, 90's Nagasawa, 2006 Surly Steamroller
Road- 2007 Specialized s-works tarmac(for competitive racing), 2000 something Waterford
Cross- 2008 Specialized Tri-Cross

How long have you been riding/ what started you?
Ive been riding since 2005. I started working at REI in SF and a co-worker had told me after i bought the Steamroller that i was going to be like all the other hipsters and buy a fixed gear then give it up..Five years later im still going strong! No longer working at REI though..

Do you wear a helmet and why or why not?
I always wear a helmet! Its stupid to not wear one! One car can change the whole game of riding and life. Ive knows too many people that have gotten in accidents for doing stupid ish in traffic or just not having enough riding experience. I guess its the uncool thing to do because wearing a fitted cap is 100 times better looking that something that will protect your brain?

Favorite Shop? Why?

Favorite shop is a toss up between MASH and Pedal Revolution. The guys that work at Ped Rev are really down to earth and its a chill atmosphere. Also they're the main sponsor for Team Chica Sexy (The competitive race team for Road and Track). And the MASH store I always have a good laugh with Mike, Al and Dylan.

Clip or clipless?

Clipless and Cages for sure!! When I race alleycats I usually go Clipless just for that extra jump. But I do like the safety of cages for skidding when I really need to. And for a more comfortable ride also. On the Steamroller I have some re-load tarking straps which are a different feel but still help to get the job done.

Ride with headphones/ music?
When I work I keep one headphone in just to hear traffic. I think that's the law, right? I dunno, I think its stupid to see kids disconnected from the world when riding and not being able to listen to the things happening around them. That's just me though..Get some YDM if your sour aboot it. I like old school Hip-Hop and alot of new stuff too Lil Wayne and the new Jay-Z album have been keeping me going. I do visit Hype-Trak every morning. I also listen to a good amount of oldies too.

Sponsors or teams/ gangs/ clubs you are a part of?
MASH, Team Chica Sexy, Team Murder and POMB are the peeps that keep me going on the racing tip. And Thee Shredderz Krew.

Fav. Race?

Favorite race...hhmm It has to be QCR (Quake City Rumble). Its the biggest race that SF throws every year and it always has a really good turn out of messengers and non-messengers. Its just a great weekend because there are parties every night with alot of free PBR and friends to share in the scumbaggery and good times.

Fav. place to ride or route(s) in SF?
I love myself a good ol fashion city loop. The city is only 7x7 so usually a down and back loop is good enough. Plenty of hills and flats to go around. I grew up in the Sunset so riding through that part of town is always chill for me.

Fav. person(s) to ride with?

Peeps that make riding fun have to be the OG POMB crew. Non POMB affiliates though would be thee Ferg Dawg and the other Chica Sexy dudes, Hernan and the DTLA dudes, Trev Dawg, Chas, Walton, Kyle. Also anyone with TCB Courier except for Jeremy hes a ginger but Sean Martin is cool id ride with him any day. Oh and Beaver Beavs only because he knows bad ass strippers. And you too Joseph.

Dope Chill spot?

Chillest spot has to be my ladies crib. But MASH Transit would be the second place because they have a mini fridge stocked with mexican Coca-Cola and coconut waters. Oh and good people hang out there too!

Why SF?

Why not SF?! Ha! I grew up here its my jam and i dont really see myself leaving for anywhere else anytime soon. The riding is really chill but competitive when it needs to be and everyone has a good vibe. It isn't LA but I love the weather here. The hottest it gets is high 80s sometimes mid 90s and I'm cool with that.

What do you do for work?

I work Full time for TCB Courier (Taking Care of Business). I am the SoMA Manager these days and its been alot of work to get my side of the company to where its at meow. Its a really gravy job but watch out SF were spreading!

What else do you do/ projects/ hobbies?
I really enjoy watching spaghetti westerns and old school samurai movies. Graffiti is cool. Im a HUGE Samurai Champloo fan also Cow Boy Bee Bop. So i guess sitting on my butt watching movies/ cartoons would be my jam for this question.

Dream Bike?
My dream bike is any bike i cant and will never be able to own! ha Full carbon everything sram red from head to toe hella kitty deep dish rims on any 4000 $ whip sounds like a dream come true for track road or cross..aww man well now my keyboard is sticky thanks Joe.

Best/ worst about riding in SF?
Best part are the cutty lines you can find to get from one part of the city to the other real quick! Worst part of riding in the city are the commuters. A lot of them are afraid of their own shadows when they ride. I'm not really into the "Big boy gear" riding. If you ride a stupid big track gear in SF your asking to get hurt. Track gearing is meant for THE TRACK. And a lot of the peeps out there have never experienced what their bikes can really do unless they get out to the track and see what a 59x11 can do when you really try...Ha! I don't think anyone really rides a 59x11 but your picking up what I'm throwing down right?

Any SF secrets/ tips you want to give out?

Loose lips sink ships Saul. SF secrets are SF secrets. Tips are be aware of whats around you when riding in SF, or anywhere for that matter!

Shout outs?
Shout oots to Paul and Saul Upinya, erryone with MASH, all my peeps in Berlin, Basil, and Milan. My girlfriend that wont be reading this.. Ha! umm The Tortorelli family and your mother.

Last word
Be uncool wear a helmet and Rubber side down.... IM OOT!

- photos by : Joseph Lobato

27 September, 2011

Rene Almanza -Stranger- watercolor exhibit at FIFTY24SF Gallery this Thursday

Come out this Thursday for a really awesome show at FIFTY24SF!
Fifty 24 Sf Gallery
218 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA
(415) 861-1960 () ‎ · fifty24sf.com

(9.26.2011) San Francisco – FIFTY24SF Gallery presents a watercolor exhibition by Mexican illustrator and fine artist, Rene Almanza, entitled “Stranger” opening on September 29th, 2011.

This exhibition marks the progression of Rene Almanza’s career from the monochromatic ink-lined work that he has been known for towards the incorporation of paint and colors. Taking a traditional and deliberate approach towards the development of his mediums has always been an important part of Rene’s career; and after feeling like he had expressed all that he can with his line-based style, he felt that the next logical step was to begin to integrate watercolors into his work as part of the process of gradually moving towards incorporating oil and acrylic paints into his pieces.

The exhibition features 50 pieces measuring 20″ x 18″ using the mediums of pencil and watercolor. All the work also features frames which are hand made in Oaxaca. Rene Almanza’s “Stranger” exhibition features an opening reception on September 29th, at 7:00pm.

“Stranger” is a foreigner, a resident alien, one in the house of another as a guest, visitor, or intruder, a person or thing that is unknown or with whom one is unacquainted, one who does not belong to or is kept from the activities of a group, one not privy or party to an act, contract, or title, one that interferes without right.

seen this right HERE

Chrome: London Transport

We had the pleasure of seeing these bags in person at Interbike 2011. Good looking bags, the tweed really set the designs off.
I wonder what the LA series will look like, if they do an LA series?

Details from Chrome:

Introducing the London Transport Citizen & Yalta, inspired by the land of tweed, punk and pilsner. The Chrome City Series is our take on the unique materials, graphic treatments and methods that define the culture and lifestyle of a selected city. The LT Citizen and Yalta are made with bomb-proof coated technical tweed that references the look of the 19th century with the performance of today. The inside liner features a custom Victorian-inspired print by Brooklyn-based Flavor Paper and the leather front panel on the Citizen is embossed with our iconic logo.

City Series: London from Chrome Bags on Vimeo.

BFF LA 2011: Onisuka Tiger

Year after year Onisuka Tiger continues to sponsor the BFF. I was lucky enough to get this pair for our small role in promoting the BFF LA this year. It was not necessary for me to get these shoes, but I must say thanks to Jen for hooking it up. You really deserve the credit, we are just the ones who show up to party and lurk. Hahaha. The BFF is one of the summer time things I look forward to every year, great films and seeing friends from around the country and sometimes the globe. Big thanks to everyone who made the BFF LA this year and I can't wait for next year.

26 September, 2011

NorthCal Cyclocross Art Gallery - @RaphaCycleClub

Emily from the RAPHA CYCLE CLUB sent us over some information for this Friday's event here in SF. Peep the all deets on the exhibit-

"Uncle Charlie and Other Stories of North Cal. Cyclocross
An art show dedicated to the spirit of North Cal Cyclocross, its roots, and its current spectacle.

Featuring works of photography, writing, sculpture, painting, collage, as well as historical documents and images.

Curated by Brian Vernor and Presented by the Rapha Cycle Club SF.

Contributing Artists and story tellers: Willie K. Bullion, “Pineapple” Bob Kurasawa, Pamela Palma, Jeff Hantman, Stevil Smith, Ray Stafford, Chris McNally, Paul Sadoff, Tom Simpson, Mike Ferrentino, and Brian Vernor."

The opening party is this Friday, September 30th at 7pm.

▼Rapha Cycle Club
2198 Filbert Street
San Francisco, CA 94123-3413
(415) 896-4671

Performance Roadwear

Charles Bradley and The Menahan Street Band -@DaptoneRecords

I just got turned on to Daptone Records recording artist Charles Bradley. WHERE THE FU** Have I been?!?! This guy's voice is great plus he's backed by one of the best bands out right now, The Menahan Street Band. This guy has an amazing story.Dp yourself a favor and head to his site and read the bio.

Also,Peep this video of them performing at Mellow Johnny's bike shop earlier this year. Sooo Good.

Cadence Truck: Pacifica Crossfest - @cadenceclothing

Yes, you read that right. There is a pop shop in that Cadence truck and it's coming to an event near you. Plus, it's run by our homie Ace Boogie. I had the pleasure of rolling out to Pacifica Crossfest with my Chubby Boob Teammates to watch them race cross this past Sunday (I get my cross bike real soon). Once there, we step up our spot under the extra DVS pop up tent, next to the truck. I think is this is a really awesome move on the part of Cadence. Ace was handing out stickers and water, making sales and really spreading the word of Cadence to a part of the cycling community that might not have ever heard of the brand.

Setting up shop.

While I could show you photos of all the cool kids who lurked on our spot, I would rather show the Cross dogs who hung tough all day with us. Judy and Esther, Greg's real cheerleaders.

Ace Cheering (heckling) on the friends that were racing.

I had to do my part and be the first sales of day. Cadence Establish Gloves and the 555 Trucker, for steeze. What an awesome day, and be on the look out for the Cadence Truck at a cycling event near you. We'll update you guys, when we know where it's headed next.

BFF SF: GOLDSPRINTS RECAP - @bicyclefilmfestival

The 11th Bicycle Film Festival kicked off in San Francisco with Goldsprints at the Knockout, last Thursday. Packed bar, 21st Amendment brews flowing and two Low bikes spinning. Three rounds of sprints with guy & girl head-to-heads that left everyone's voice raspy, legs spent and with a mysterious smile. Thanks to all who came out, BFF & Fergus for killing it

BEWM - Peep the rest of the photos HERE