30 September, 2011

East Coast Messenger Stage Race: Results: Wolfpack Hustle Takes it.

Let hear it for our boys! Wolfpack Hustle went, they saw, they conquered. East Coast Messenger Stage Race, Boston to DC, open to anyone on a bike, any route you want to take and LA smashed it. Wolfpack Hustle swept the poduim, with
Aram Dellalian Grabbing 1st place, Fabian Vazquez and Jon Budinoff took second and third. Fabian got two stage wins,on the first day and the last day. Super proud of Turtle and the cyclist he is becoming. Read more about the race here at Bikeradar. Congrats guys, way to bring the win home!

I have to hear the story behind this photo. The boys fording a river in Maryland... That's how you pull in the win.

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