07 March, 2011

Congo on a Speed Bike!

So rad to see him on the track. Keep it up dude!

Another great round of photo's from Beaver, taken this past Saturday at the LAVRA Cup Omnium.

Rider Profile: Kevin Kang

One of my Favorite Koreans, Kevin Kang. He brought T-Level to LA, and nothing but good times,
and great stories of his broken english. I will never order "Animal Style" from in & out without chuckling again.

New Rear Tire day!

Continental SuperSport Plus! Stoked to try this out. Not yet though. Waiting on some wheels.
(more on that this week), then I'll slap this on, and let you guys know how it do.

Tire blew up...

Saturday, I bit of Tire trouble. I knew that the Thickslick I was running, wasn't gonna last much longer.
I really beat this tire to death. Tread was showing all over the place, and this spot was bubbling out,
as if it was a pinched tube. I hustled to O20, got hooked up with a new tire (more on that). When I was about to leave,
We were all checking out the tire when I saw that it was bubbled out so bad it would barely pass the chainstays.
Gobbee told me to change it there and don't risk it, or I would be walking home. Well, I said "it'll make it home, I live close"
It popped, of course. I walked a few miles home. I didn't have tools or a pump on me, and it happened right about the
middle point between my house and the shop. It was a great walk home, beautiful day out. More then worth it.

Street Art Pop Up Shop

I went and checked out the Street Art Pop Up Shop opening, on Friday. Pretty cool shit,
and I hope to see more these types of things this year. Go see for yourself before it shuts down.

Fargo St. Hill Climb

We were late, it was over. Fail.

Here's a bit more info on the Hill climb. 32% Grade, Brutal.

Four Horsemen II Alleycat

I must race in NYC, this year.


TCB RHEAS DELI DELIVERY from Storts on Vimeo.

What can TCB bring to you? If you are ever in SF, use these guys for all of your pick up, and delivery needs.