07 March, 2011

Rider Profile: Kevin Kang

One of my Favorite Koreans, Kevin Kang. He brought T-Level to LA, and nothing but good times,
and great stories of his broken english. I will never order "Animal Style" from in & out without chuckling again.

Kevin Kang

What do you ride?
2002 Nagasawa, Special custom built for Suzuki Minato Pro Keirin racer

How long have you been riding/ what started you?
This is my third year riding fixed gear but I used ride a lot for commuting when i lived in korea.
My home always far away from school.

Do you wear a helmet and why or why not?
I wear helment since my second baby popped out.

Favorite Shop? Why?
Ryd/orange20 dudes there are very friendly.

Clip or clipless?
Clips on street clipless on track only

Ride with headphones/ music?
Only for long distance ride

Sponsors or teams/ gangs/ clubs you are a part of?
Stryker LA! T-Level Riders way

Fav. Race?
Fortune 700/ Wolfpack crash marathon

Fav. place to ride or route(s) in LA?
After work I ride back to home in fullerton from DTLA.
Washington and telegraph all the way to OC.

Fav. person(s) to ride with?

Dope Chill spot?
Wurstkuche, Royal Clayton's and Cafe Loft

Why LA?
Cant live in NY anymore

What do you do for work?
Graphic design/import

What else do you do/ projects/ hobbies?
Snowboarding/surfing/collecting sneakers

Dream Bike?
Ciocc Enemy

Best/ worst about riding in LA?
Best-you can ride 365 days rain or shine. Worst-streets are shitty

Any LA secrets/ tips you want to give out?
It's angel-less city

Shout outs?
Sean, Juan, Bud, Hern, Riccardo, Greg, Ace, Jaybe, Jinsub, Daniel, Mike, Randy, Carlos, Gio, Christian,
Chris, Dustin, Justin, Dan, Beaver, Omar, Simon, Devon, Gary, David, Johnny, Patrick, Blake, Hecto and You.

Last word?
Cycling is not a trend. It's a passion.

Check out the rest here.

*Photo by Devon


  1. This kinder has plenty of enthusiasm for sure! Love this guy plenty! Bummer about the recent garage door meets 2002 Nagasawa... makes my eyes waterzz! ;)

  2. No shout out to team mat daman, sheesh.