07 March, 2011

Tire blew up...

Saturday, I bit of Tire trouble. I knew that the Thickslick I was running, wasn't gonna last much longer.
I really beat this tire to death. Tread was showing all over the place, and this spot was bubbling out,
as if it was a pinched tube. I hustled to O20, got hooked up with a new tire (more on that). When I was about to leave,
We were all checking out the tire when I saw that it was bubbled out so bad it would barely pass the chainstays.
Gobbee told me to change it there and don't risk it, or I would be walking home. Well, I said "it'll make it home, I live close"
It popped, of course. I walked a few miles home. I didn't have tools or a pump on me, and it happened right about the
middle point between my house and the shop. It was a great walk home, beautiful day out. More then worth it.

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