17 June, 2010

This why I race...

So good. Gave me chills... Plus I see myself and my homeboys Hern, Tony Z and Edgar, racing our little hearts out!
Can't wait to see this...

-Sean Martin

I Sidi LA!

About three weeks ago, I finally made the move, I should've done years ago. I guess, I had to get over not riding in sneakers to be able to do it. The only thing is, I have now realized, that my sneaker game is about to blow up, because I won't be afraid to ruin sneakers by riding in them anymore.

I love it. There really is no better way to ride. So much more power, better stopping abilities, and it fucking feels badass as fuck. You feel like man amongst boys. I can't wait til my road bike is finished and I get road shoes for that machine. Oh yea, what kind of setup do I run? Sidi Dominator 5s and Time ATAC MTB pedals (2010 version). Couldn't ask for better setup. If you're into riding track bikes really fast, and you're on the fence about making the switch. Do it. Don't wait as long as I did, (too long) you'll regret it, trust. It changes your whole riding world. Improves everything. Speed, cadence, strength, and climbing, I think the best for me was, I was about to switch my gearing from a 48/17/16 to a 49/16, but because of the new muscles I'm building through better pedals strokes there's no need. (right now at least) Super happy, that I made the switch.

PS. I forgot to add this.... My homie Devon sez... "Going clipless? It's the new aerospoke" So get on it!!!

-Sean Martin

Update: I totally forgot the most important question people have been asking. "how is it skidding?" Magical, you lock it up with ease, just no whip skids, lock it up then drift. Full seated skids going 25+, barely trying to do it...... The best.

Do it for Jack!!!

Game Seven, bitches!

Lets do this!!!

Chubby Boob

-Sean Martin

Nike Sweet Classic Canvas Low “Livestrong”

Damn, I like everything coming out the Nike Livestrong Collection. Rad little accents with the bikes lining the wall of the sole.
Bet, these would great to ride in, and would look good chillin...

Get em a finishline.


-Sean Martin