20 June, 2011

BMX on Moving train car

I saw this on SFFIXED. DOPE!

photo by

Feature: Jack Twachtman

Feature: Jack Twachtman from One Spark on Vimeo.

Our homeboy from Florida and Burro Bags. Nice interview, great insight.

Fixie Picnic Weekend FPW2011

"Fixie Picnic Weekend" FPW2011 vid from VM PROJECT on Vimeo.

We need more events like this... or just events like this.

Smithfields Nocturne Elite Criterium Cycling Race

Smithfields Nocturne Elite Criterium Cycling Race - London 11 June 2011 from martin wollny on Vimeo.

Now that looks like a party.

Le Bike Polo

PORTRAITS DE FIXÉS - Le Bike Polo from emiliedesir on Vimeo.

Le Polo!

Chubby Boob: Swag

New shit. Go get it at the Gravel.Pit.

Shop Dog: GSC

Stella is the shop dog at GSC. She loves to wrestle. Go say hi.

Expresso Pedal

Expresso Pedal from Sergio Caldas on Vimeo.

Caught this over at PC. Wish I understood Portuguese...

Welcome home to Patrick BTW!

Expo Bike path: The Buildup, Part ll

Last Friday, I wrote on the Expo Bike Buildup. Not much had really happened since taking that photo
over a week ago. I turn the corner this morning and Bewm! Bike path! So stoked, it's ride able,
so I rode it! Fun times. As I write this the city is adding irrigation for all the wonderful landscaping
that will be running alongside it. More photos to come as it progresses. Nice work LA.