16 May, 2011

Blessing of the Bikes: Tomorrow!

Don't forget to get your Bikes Blessed tomorrow!

This Is Keirin

This Is Keirin from Pat Benson on Vimeo.

So Rad. Encino!

Training rides...

There a few new rides popping up on the weekends for Track Bikes only. Training rides for the LOG lll

So this past Saturday, I hosted a Track bike training ride up and around Griffith Park.
It meets at Intelligensia (Silverlake) at 830am on Saturday. It's just doing laps and getting to know the park, pretty mellow.
It is Saturday Morning after all...

Tracko hit me up this morning and wanted to know If I wanted to get down with the same thing but on Sundays.
I said yes. This will be a hard ride. Mostly cause Kyle will be yelling at you the whole time, from start to finish.
It'll be a good one though! I'm excitied for it. No one know Griffith better then Kyle. Good man to go up there with.
Meets Sunday at 10am at his new shop GSC. It's off Sunset and Lucille, in Silverlake. I'll remind you guys on Friday.

*photo by Ace

Encino Velo: Congo

I missed out on the races at Encino this past weekend. I was too busy having fun at the 6th ever Los Angeles Old Time Social!

Here's so great photos from RSchmidtRN.

Good to see Congo racing!

I haven't seen Hern in about two weeks, and it looks like he has a Stache goin on...

Sneak Peek: For the Lady of Griffith

That is fucking awesome. I just got this photo sent to me, so I had to post it.
Ladies? You better get out there. This Bag is for you. Burro Bags really out did themselves.
I am super proud to have them as again sponsor this year. Really cool.

Here's what Jack had to say about it:
"This year’s bag will be going to the number one lady, but that doesn’t mean it has to be girly right? Hell naw! Any lady who can hold her own with the boys is probably just as into cool shit like battleaxes as her male counterparts anyway, and deserving as well."

So Brutal!


5.18.2011 from SKYLMT on Vimeo.

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