27 April, 2010

Happy Trails Joe!!!

This Friday, it's a sad day. Joe is leaving us to go north to SF. Before that, however... Is the going away party. Much talent is coming out to play Joe off into the sunset.. An incredible line-up of LA's finest... and a special guest star from SF will be MCing...
Come one, come all...

Friday, 9pm
1642 Temple St.
LA, CA 90026

Anytime Jam 3 May 30th

It's early, but get ready for this!!!

Here's the deets

May 30th at the SPAUSA Ramp
Am & Pro
Mini Ramp Jam format competition
High Air
“Wall Tap Challenge” for $100
Best Trick (Ramp and Flat Rail)
Check back up soon for more info!
Thanks Mike Bertino for the bad ass poster!

From The Anytime Crew

Harry Main: Bunnyhop Flair


This is making the blog rounds today. ILL...

EstateLA "jah love"

Ryan brings back the "jah love" design in black this time. I love EstateLA, one my local favorites. Really well made hats. Dope.
Get it here