16 August, 2010

The Lord ll: Results

What a race. 54 people entered, 37 finished. 21.65 miles (if you didn't know the shortcut, which I will address) I feel really good and very proud of what went down yesterday, gotta give it up to all the racers for coming out and doing it, it's a tough one and next year it'll only get harder. Big thanks to all the volunteers and photo hounds, Filmer's and spectators. Thanks to the Ronin gallery and my doods for playing some awesome mixes yesterday. We went through almost 40 cases of PBR in less then 3 hours.
Impressive, thanks Pabst! Now to the race.
Bud Abille won the Frame and Bag, Congrats! I really hope you consider what I said about passing it off next year, and really keep this race alive. Rlyo got second, (Bud's Cousin) god job! Our very own Tracko, got third!!! Carla and Molly got first girl, and Jonnell got 1st under 18. Now I will say some thing about the route, in the months leading up to the race, I did clearly state that the backside of the park is where this race will be won, there are a few ways, through the park that make your route shorter. Bud and Rylo, did that, they came up from LBC and scouted routes, trained and got to know the park. Kyle, that's his back yard, and knows it better then anyone. This race is called the Lord of Griffith, and a complete Knowledge of the park is a must, as it was clearly stated months leading up to the race. Besides, the fact that it is a street race and as serious as some of you want to take it, it's still just a street race. It's meant to be fun and challenging, not taken as full sanctioned race, with course officials, judges, marked course or what have you. This something that we're trying to build towards here at TOLA!, be on the look out for that with our future races. Plus, there's always next year for those of you who feel jipped in some way. Thanks to all the sponsors, you guys made this a great day, and everyone who finished walked away with something. Thank you!

I'll be updating with Videos, at some point this week. Thanks again to everyone involved!

First photo by Simon, Click for the ending action, if someone could make a Gif out of that, that would be awesome.
Wheelie by Beaver