18 June, 2010

Tonight in SF

Joe go to this!!! Please!

The Sharrows Experiment: Mixing Bicycles with Autos

View more news videos at: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/video.

NBC reports on LA's First Sharrows. I know these are important, but putting them on Fountain, Really?? That street is way to small. Put them on Hollywood and other main thoroughfares. Nonetheless its a move in the right direction.



- joseph Lobato

( Please let video Load )

Bike Against oil.

Do it now, Very Quiet like Ninjas! I came across this via @WOLFPACKHUSTLE

- Joseph Lobato

July Events... Busy month... Get ready.

DTLA GPX 20X (The Annual DTLA Grand Prix!) - 5 Crit Series - 1 Crit Each Thursday in July. $5 dollar entry, Winner take all!
I'll update here, every thursday in July with Location of the Crit. (don't get announced until week of)



The reason why I'm posting this early is because, I don't want to hear any excuses on why Ya'll didn't come out. This gives you over two to four weeks advance notice for most of these events. I'll be updating them as each event comes up, but just get your legs ready.... July is gonna be busy as fuck.

Stolen Bike Alert!!!

Mikey Wally's Raw 2010 Mercier Kilo TT, White beat turbo saddle, everything else stock.
Stolen last night on Sunset and Figueroa.
This is the second time Mikey's fixed gear was jacked.
Please keep an eye for it. Hit us here or on our twitter

-Sean Martin