17 March, 2011

I spy a Bachez

While checking out Photos from Bold Sprints in Boston, I spied a homie! Bachez, LA misses you. Looks like you made friends!

Via Superb.

Photos by Eric Baumann.


Crihs alerted us to this yesterday, and I have been waiting for a photo of the bag. Crihs won Monster Track XII,
this past weekend, (congrats again!) and some fucker stole the 1st place bag. Bullshit, really big balls to do this.
So, if you got connections in NY, please help spread the word. Crihs is a homie and fucking awesome rider,
he really deserves to get this bag back.

Lord of Griffith lll: Sponsor Package: Cognition Caps

It's the third year in a row that Cognition Caps has sponsored this race, and that makes me very happy.
I'm proud to have them sponsor and I stand by their Caps. I love cycling caps and these are one of the top cap makersfor me.
Fit really good under a helmet, look great with out a helmet. Get one here or come out and race for one June 5th.

Thanks Guys, you rock.

Happy St. Pats!

Cheers! Have a safe St. Pats from TOLA!