20 December, 2010

LA to AK to Seattle

Xmas Vacation! I'm heading out of town for the Holidays. First to Anchorage for Christmas, then to Seattle for NYE. I'm super stoked. As you can see, I'm bringing two bags with me. One with clothes and gifts, the other has hats and stuff to give out to people Rampart, Trafik and of course Chubby Boob hooked me up with some things to give away once I get to these cities, thanks guys. So if you see me, I've got stickers from many different companies, some shirts, some water bottles and some things that hang on wires (those are for me to take care of). A few of the items are destined for blog buddies and homies, but just ask and you'll get something. PS, I need a bike to ride in Seattle! Zach, Ryan or Furby, hook me up! I'll be updating from both cities, visiting shops and riders, but mostly having fun. Merry Xmas everyone!

Melvin’s Wormtown 29er

A Geekhouse MTB? Sick. I'm about to fly off to AK, and I'm gonna go Snow MTB, while I'm up there. This really just put my in the mood, to play in the snow. I'll be riding something a little different then this 29er, but this is still a sick build.



VM Project Vol#1/4 "Vital Moment" from VM PROJECT on Vimeo.


Hipster 100

Hipster 100 from Grant Davis on Vimeo.

Love the song choice, great edit.

Before and After

Fabian at his first Cross race this past weekend.... His shoes were yellow at the start.

Who took these so I can give them credit?



Super cool. More go fast edits!

Rider Profile: Juan Gutierrez

Juan is a Hater. In a good way. He makes me see what is real and what ain't. He calls it like he sees it, with no mercy. It's awesome. Juan and his equally rad lady Gabby were the first people I rode with in LA. On some MR halloween ride in the first few weeks I had moved here. I think I was the only one with my face painted, (like King Diamond) then a few weeks later I tried to host this photo scanvenger hunt ride/ race, and Juan, Gabby and Armando were the only ones to show up. We went drinking instead of doing the ride/ race. We realized later that we had met on the halloween ride and I was the Kook with my face painted. Juan, is one of the best dudes to have in your corner, he has saved my ass more times then I can remember, in many different ways. A ride or die homie, that loves and hates bikes more then anyone else I know. Enjoy.


Guess who's bike this is. It's dope.