12 August, 2010

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: CBNC

CBNC! Of course, The Nerd Crew was gonna be a Sponsor. My doods, my friends, my team. I feel so blessed to be apart of Chubby Boob. The best guys and gals a ginger can have. The talent runs so deep, in this crew, it's amazing. Design, work ethic, music talent, writing ablities, riding skills, art, networking, promoting, you name it, we got it. The best part is, is that we're family, and friends first. I would never trade the Nerds for anyone else, even on our worst days. So much fun goes down when we're all together, but when we're apart all of our shit gets done. I love you guys. I can't wait for tonight, and the rest of the weekend. CBNC por vida.

This is tonight. Ya'll better come out. Then we can roll to the race.

Fixed defixF

Fixed defixF from DanNasser on Vimeo.

Me likey.

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LASR Los Angeles Sprint Race by James & Tony Z

This gonna be a good one. Head to head sprints, to see who is the fastest in LA's streets... So good. I'm really excited for this weekend and tonight is the start of it! Here's the deets from the Z Brothers:

Who is the Fastest???? Fixed or Road ??? Come and find out or Try out!!!!! This race is about Speed and Strength not endurance. This is an open race to all !!!Two racers at a time about 1/8 of mile up stadium way. Drag race style. Meet at Dodger Stadium lower parking lot. Pls be on time. Registration at 7pm ,Race starts at 830pm. Be early lots of racers expected. 5$ entry fee. winners gets: 3rd entry fee, 2nd $10, 1st Takes the rest of the money $$$$$$$$ in each category. YOU CAN ONLY RACE IN ONE CATEGORY!!!! NO DRAFTING or you will be DQ. Hope to see you all there at our first event by James and Tony Z. Spoke cards will be past out!!!

All riders will be TIMED!!! Top 3 riders in each category with the fastest times win!!
Rules: EACH RIDER WILL HAVE 1 RUN. Standing Start. If you have a mechanical and show the referees that you got a flat tire or something broken!!!! We will give you 1 more pass. Each rider will be timed for each category, from start to finish. If you feel like you can go faster and want to do a 2nd run for the money!!! without a mechanical , it will cost you $5 again to do another pass that will go into the prize pot. You can choose who you want to race against in same category, for all you grudge matches, or side bets . The rest will race against whoever is left. If you happen to be the last person with no one to race against, you can do a run by yourself, or pick someone and tell the starter (tony Z).

At the finish of both category , I will have the fastest Fixie vs. fastest Roadie!!!!!!!
This will be the only rolling start race.

For all spectators please let us finish the race for the fixes and roadies , then you can have your own races for fun. Everyone not racing pls stay on the sidewalk or parking lot. There is plenty of room for everyone to see the whole drag race. Please lets keep it safe and trouble free . Thanks and hope to see you there

Meet up @ 7PM Aug 12, Thursday
Elysian Park ave / Stadium Way
Lower Parking Lot towards LA Fire Dept
1722 Stadium Way, La , Ca 90026 (MAP QUEST only)


After party @
Little Joy Echo Park
1477 W. Sunset Blvd
LA, CA 90026

Map of Meet up & Race / Click on Picture to Launch 360 view to see 1/8 mile drag race course. START will be at light pole on right in picture. FINISH at 3rd light pole up.

How the prizes work:

3rd PLACE in fixie and roadie will receive a Bronze Medal, 1 Black limited edition Spoke Bracelet , and $5.00 (entry fee back)

2nd PLACE in fixie and roadie will receive a Silver Medal, and a Pair of Serfas Seca TIres
valued at $50.00 or more sponsered by Rolling Cowboys. Winners will have to go to shop to receive prize !!!!!

1st PLACE Fastest fixie and roadie will receive Gold Medal and Money Pot Prize per catagory!!!!!!
I am estimating 20 or more people racing in each catagory which money pot will be well over $100.00

To the winner of the Fastest fixie vs Fastest Roadie will receive an additional Gold Medal which says Victory Fastest Overall

Hope to see you all there !!! Race starts at 830pm SHARP !!!!! Registration starts at 7pm at Finish Line.

Ya'll ready?

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