19 July, 2010

Lord of Griffith ll

You have been warned. Stay tuned for Sponsor highlights as the date gets closer. I will say this, if you raced the Chubby Boob Summer Games, this past Sunday you know half the course, but it's a lot more then that.

2010 Rumble Through the Bronx Alleycat

Rumble Through the Bronx 7 2010 New York from crihs on Vimeo.

Got this from Prolly. Wow, as an Alley cat racer, you can whatever you please to get to the finish, but trying to take out a fellow racer is just crazy and fucked up. While I wasn't there, (but would love to race this race) I'm not passing judgement on either party, just watch and judge for yourself. Other then that, what a fucking awesome video.

Summerfix Trick Jam

SummerFix Trick Jam from AMBUSHE on Vimeo.

What a weekend. Holy crap. I'm dead tired. So much fun, so much good riding, here's and edit from Andrew. Nice work. The trick was sick, riders were really throwing themselves around and breaking out some big moves. Fakie wheelie from Steven Jensen, Wonka's insane wallride, huge 180's from Jakob. Wonka won the jam, good job! Tony Z won the race! My legs hurt so bad from the race yesterday. Thanks to LAB for an awesome weekend, Chubby Boob, Tracko and big props to Ace for throwing an amazing race. I haven't race in more then a few months, and that was probably the best way to get me back into it. So hard. Everyone just looked defeated afterwards. It was a three mile climb up Mt. Hollywood, then a three mile descent down the backside, (crazy bombing skills were needed or a brake) then a three lap, four mile a lap crit, (a mile or so of climbing) ugh. I would be posting pics but I left my camera cord at home. Sad. I'm gonna write a more in depth post, once I get my pics downloaded. I'm sure the blog'o'sphere is going right now with pics and videos from the whole weekend, so I'm really not in a rush, but look for that.

1000th post!

It my 1000th post. Wow. Big thanks to my man Joe, for without him there be no TOLA! I'm really hype as what we have been doing and what we will be doing. Look for some big changes to the blog, coming soon! But, most of all, a really big thanks goes out to you guys, for supporting us, by reading our little blog and coming out to our events. Big shit is on the way, so get ready. TOLA!