22 March, 2011


Jacob took a trip to DTLA, and the homeboys at LDG, have a great write-up on it.

Check it out here.

Save Japan Benefit Race/ Community Fundrasier

We are throwing a race this Sunday and teaming up with a Community Fundraiser at the finish line!
It's $5 bucks to race, all proceeds going to the Red Cross! If you don't want to race, we will be hosting
a group ride to the finish. There will be live Screen printing, Music, raffles, a bake sale (feel free to bake away
and bring to the event) with all proceeds benefiting the Red Cross! Come out and support. If you have larger items to
donate, I would suggest you bring them to the Fundraiser at the end.

FB event page for the Race

FB event page for the Fundraiser

Damned to ride the Earth

Ordering one now. Love it.


Lundberg Loses It

Lundberg Loses It from Kenny Luby on Vimeo.

Pretty good edit, delving into the mind of a Downhill Skater. Love that he uses a track bike to get around.

La Garibaldina

Alleycats in Italy! It's that time of year, get ready for all of those races coming up!

Outlier: Pivotal Bomber Jacket

This Jacket looks awesome. Perfect for spring nights, very stylish. We need a Outlier retailer in LA, badly.

Check out the deets on the Jacket here.

Lord of Griffith lll: Sponsor Package: Knog

Our good friends at Knog, have sent in their Prize package for the Third year in a row!

Lights, hats and T-shirts! Good stuff for ya'll to win. Get your Legs ready!

Wolfpack Hustle. LA Marathon Crash Race ll: Mikey Wally

Mikey has some great photos up from the race. The B&W is sick. Thanks for the heads up!

Mikey Photos!

Here's a link to Mikey's Blog post about the race.