25 October, 2010


SocalCross KROSSTOBERFEST 2010 Day 1 from mark colton on Vimeo.

Looks like so much fun.

Red Hook Crit Milano

Next year LA?

Friends and Family

Funny stuff, I was trying to figure out a way to present this awesome post Ace did over at Trafik on the Bicycle Kitchen. When I remebered that a couple of the people mentioned in the post are playing an awesome show at the Echoplex tomorrow night.

Here is Ace's awesome Post on the bici cocina. Thanks for this Ace, it means a lot to me. Big ups to the Kitchen, the unsung heroes of the Los Angeles bike world.

Murder Ballads with Triple Chicken Foot!!! The designers of my world. Thanks guys.

Does everyone in the Chain Gang have a mustache?

Looks like it.

Fall Classic Upgrade Races & Keirin Tournament at Encino by Beaver!

Rider Profile: Zach Kahl

Recently, I have been getting back in touch with Zach and Megan (Megan, where are your photo's and answers?). Two of my favorites, that moved to Chicago, to be in love and what ever else one does in Chicago. So I thought I would give them both a moment, and tell us what is up with Chi-Town and how they ride. (Megan, it's your turn) Read on after the jump!