02 February, 2010


I just learned a lesson in the ol' "Dont get caught sleepin" rule. I slept on putting this up and someone else got it up first aka PROLLY. get those videos in people!! Sean, you are looking good in that photo!

Bridgetown Hustle - Portland Or.

Ok, now that's a list of sponsors..
More info here-->http://backyardblam.blogspot.com/

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WRAHW Exclusive: Gus Molina from Torey Thornton on Vimeo.

West Coast Represent!

Hella Tight - Helps Haiti

Our favorite hat co. HELLA TIGHT is donating proceeds from their sales to the Haiti relief fund.. Make sure you get over to their online shop and get something..

Swatch artist series watches

Alright this is for my homegirl Sage up in alaska. She loves Swatch watches, and will never pass a good ebay deal for a pack of these things. I never rock a watch but I understand the love for Swatch, it brings back good childhood memories, (parker louis can't lose, rocking like four of them at once) they look good and are a conversation piece.

So Sage, get these Swatch watches from Gary Card, David Benedek and Carrie Munden.
They are exclusively available at colette until February 15th.

-Sean Martin

Boulder Revival premiere

Revival Premiere Trick Jam from Coastless Clothing on Vimeo.

What a dope edit, wish there was more footy of the velo. That place looks like so much fun, road trip?
Hopefully the next Revival post that we do will be the LA premiere!

via lockedcog

-Sean Martin

HUF fitted Cap

Good looking pinstripe cap from HUF. I think I wanna try rocking a lil bit more red this year...
Not out yet but coming soon...

-Sean Martin