12 July, 2010

Tour de French Toast

This looks awesome, the epic weekend ahead just a little more epic. Thanks to our homies (and our bike club) at Hellajuiced (rad blog you should be following) there will a meet up and Tour de france watching breakfast this Sunday morning.

Here's the deets from our Pals!!!

Hello Bike Buddys,

Next Sunday The Juice Cycling Club will be hosting a breakfast in D.T.L.A. and watching Stage 17 of the Tour De France (one of the biggest climbing days of the tour). Come on down and bring $7 for waffles, coffee and other breakfast surprises. Bring your bike if you feel like going for a bloated bike ride through Griffith Park after the race. The Money we make will go to the Los Angeles Burrito Project, so forward this around and tell your friends to come too! Hope to see you guys.

Plus, I'm assuming the ride will end at the start of the Chubby Boob Summer Games (since most of the club is on that team or is hosting the race)

It's for a good cause and what else do you have to do on a Sunday? Ride bikes and eat food!!!

Chubby boob Summer Games!!!

The Nerd Crew is throwing a three stage race this Sunday for the Summer Fix. This is just the, "get you hype flyer" More deets and another to follow soon. Another weekend of fun in LA!!! I'm so happy to be apart of what has happened in LA the last few weeks. This coming weekend will be no exception. I feel so blessed to be apart of the Chubby Boob family, and ride for them as part of the bike team. Best group of dudes, a guy could ask for. So come out to race!!! Make sure you come to all of the weekends event. A ton of shit is going down. A teaser preview of the movie "to live and ride LA" (blessed to be apart of that team as well), trick comps, parties, bbqs, bike blog celebs, and internet heros will all be attendance....Be there.

Njs ride...

What a fun weekend, Threw a race on Saturday, then on Sunday, was blessed by homies at Quickpace, to play a small role in their hosting of the LAfixed Njs ride and bike show. When I say, people brought out the heat for this ride, it's not doing it justice. There were some amazing bikes, brought for this ride/ bike show. The fellows at Quickpace are creating a Photo book of the ride and bike show, so I thought I would just show my pics from that day, and leave the heaters for the book. Big shout out to all the Sponsors for the bike show, Orange20, qp, Tola!, Two Rabbits studios. Huge props go to Simon the Beast, and Mr. Quick from qp for really making this happen. Thanks for letting us be apart of it.

All you can eat Race: My Pics

36 racers, not too bad....

Mission Workshops: SPD Sneakers...

Saw this over at Prolly's Jam. Pretty Sick, can't wait to get my hands on a pair and see how these work. Great product, from a great group of dudes. Hi Rob, Joe Bring you that beer yet?

All you can eat Race: Results and Video...


Hot damn, what an awesome race! We had 36 racers on this past Saturday. Six checkpoints, pin pointed in the Historic Asian neighborhoods of Los Angeles, which at every checkpoint you had to eat a delicacy from that neighborhood. Ranging from cooked duck eggs, to sardines, to a veggie delite. The duck egg checkpoint, really slowed everyone down. It has a actual lil duck inside, and you had to eat or a run around the block. Wow, I would have taken the run, but luckily I threw the race, so I didn't have too. Hahaha. I wanna big thanks to Kevin at StrykerLA, for asking me to help him throw this race, big thanks to all the sponsors, Orange20, Clink Room, Fyxation, Royal Black, Images by Min, RideAD (thanks for the Rad Edit!!!, Knice, VeloPasadena, T-Level, StrykerLA.Thanks to the sponsors everyone got walk away with something, so much swag. Thanks Homies!!! I'm still uploading Pics from this weekend, so that will be a separate post later today. So much fun this weekend, thanks racers for coming out and supporting, you are what make this worth while!

1. Edgar
2. Riccardo
3. Black Daddy
4. Bud
5. Terry
6. Charles
7. Hern
8. Matt
9. Ash
10. Miguel
11. Carlos
12. Brain G.
13. Daniel
14. Kel
15. Jhonnel
16. Shag
17. Alanzo
18. Oscar
19. Frances
20 and above, lost track as we were getting the prizes ready. Good job!

Chubby boob Summer drop

Get it here!

Nerd Crew.