29 June, 2011

Lean wit it.

Great photo of Jason bombing in SF.

Seen over at Maca's Blog.

*Photo by Dylan Bigby

Summer series: DTLA and RTBL

Heads up, Summer Series racing is starting this week.

DTLA GPX 2011 starts this week, I'll update every Friday with Location of the crit.

Two Wednesdays from now, RTBL has Track racing at Encino! Sweet! ***Wednesday the 13th!***

Keep your eyes peeled here for more info!

Chrome: Tak Tees

Our friends at Chrome sent this over. Tak takes amazing photos of NYC messengers and events.
Chrome has made them in to a series of T-shirts.

Swoop here!

Pedal Consumption: Sale

Go get some sweetness over at PC!

NYC Critical Mass Documentary: Trailer

Know your history. If you want to help get this history out, this a kickstarter project.