28 April, 2011

See you guys n a few days...

Heading to SF.

Won't be posting for a few days, taking a break from the internet to go have some fun!

Stay Classy Los Angeles, see you Sunday!

Met Helmets - Factory video tour

Met Helmets - Factory video tour from Tri-Ridedotcom on Vimeo.

These helmets look awesome. Kyle wrote about them a bit ago, and this fell into my lap.
I really want to check one out. Reminds me of Robotech. A very Mech looking helmet.
Who is gonna have these in the states first?

Met helmets

Oakley & Red Bull Ride + Style Host: Silent Auction Benefiting the Pablove Foundation

Heading to the Bay this afternoon, this one of the many things I will be doing, while I'm up there.

"Red Bull’s Ride + Style is bringing a host of fixed freestyle riders to the heart of San Francisco for a one of a kind event pairing track and freestyle competitions with art.

In support of the event, it’s riders, artists and the Pablove Foundation, Oakley and Red Bull are hosting a silent auction in the 842 Market St. O Store."

Check out everything you can bid on here, and hopefully I'll see you there!


27 April, 2011

State Bicycle Co. - Valley of the Sun

They just had to show the Dog tags...

Red Bull: Ride & Style SF

Shit just got real.

The Ride

The Ride from Anthony Fernandez on Vimeo.

Great edit. I recently got my road bike, and I am hooked. This makes me want to get out on the road.

Hangin with the Trackies @ Encino Velodrome

Hangin with the Trackies @ Encino Velodrome Part Deux from GlockWork on Vimeo.


Get Mitch the El Ray

Our friend Beaver sent this along. It's about his friend Mitch who was recently killed. You should support this, we will.

Our Story

My name is Jackie. When I was 15 I met this 14 year old kid with big red hair and glasses at a ska show; his name was Mitchell Dubey. Mitch changed my life, and brought me into his family and his band. Because of him, I, as well as many others, am the person I am today. He was an amazing human being; every one he would meet over the next 9 years of his life would tell you the same, without hesitation.
Tragically, on March 24, 2011, the 23 year old Mitch Dubey was shot and killed in his own home in New Haven, Connecticut, for absolutely no reason. Mitch was shot because someone shot him.
When I heard the news, my heart stopped. And, after the initial shock had worn off, and I spoke to friends, it seemed like people had the same idea as I did - let's throw an epic show for Mitch and give the money to his family. A friend and I immediately started reaching out to the bands that we knew Mitch would want to see together, and through friends and connections, we have a line up that is worthy to celebrate such an awesome life.
Now, the problem is the venue - and for the $5000 operating costs, we can get one. Because our goal is to donate the money to the family, I don't want to take this money from our ticket sales. And that's where you come in.

The Impact

Not only have the Dubey's now lost their only son, but Mitch's father was in an accident that has left him paralyzed from about the neck down. It is exorbitantly expensive to care for him. Mitch, although in Connecticut while his family was still living in Los Angeles, would throw shows and send the money raised back home to help out. If we can raise the $5000 and not use money from the ticket sales, I anticipate us raising between $15,000 and $20,000 for the family.

What We Need & What You Get

Simply? We need $5000 to go to the El Rey Theater in Los Angeles, CA, so that we can do this. If we don't get it, we'll take money out of the ticket sales - which I don't want to do, but is an option.
What do you get? Anyone who donates gets the satisfaction of knowing that they're donating money to a great cause. I don't have much else to offer, and I'm sorry for that. If I had more, I'd give everyone anything they wanted to make this happen.

Other Ways You Can Help

No donation is too small. However, if you're monetarily challenged like myself, spread the word. Share this with everyone you know, and maybe it will get into the right hands, and someone who has the money and is generous enough will help us. Have bake sales, lemonade stands, sell art, sell clothes, whatever you want to do to get money to get Mitch the El Rey. This isn't just for me, this isn't just for the family, this isn't just for Mitchell; it's for all of us who knew him and loved him and just want to celebrate in a positive way amidst all of the awfulness of this tragedy.

Here is the link to donate. We'll see you at the show.

Red Bull: Ride & Style: Stoked!

I am so pumped for this weekend. I land tomorrow at 3pm, get swooped up, put a bike together.
Go shred and see old friends and meet new ones. It's really cool to see all the positivity being posted about the
Red Bull Ride & Style events. I feel like SF is going to explode with the amount of skilled riders coming through this weekend.
Red Bull sent over some photo's, I was gonna wait to post them, but excitement got the better of me.

Mission Workshop: Sample Sale

I saw this over at Prolly. I just more stoked for SF this weekend. If you wanna come hangout,
I'll be at Mission Workshop Friday 4-8 for the BBQ. This weekend is gonna be epic.

"In the spirit of spring cleaning, Mission Workshop is clearing out some of our seconds and samples. There are some older generation Ramblers, a couple Vandals, and a handful of messenger bags all at varying prices according to condition. We'll still back these bags with our lifetime warranty, we just can't sell them at retail. Outlier sent us some items as well - first generation workwears and some pivot-sleeve shirts, both selling for $80.

They will be available to check out for the whole weekend, but stop by on Friday if you can. We will be heating up the grill in the afternoon so come by and hang out"

10-City Bike Tour Through Holland Contest

This got sent over to us. Who wants to make a video with me for it?

"For the first time ever, the Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions (NBTC), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (Schiphol) have created a 10-City Bike Tour of Holland using KLM’s iconic ceramic blue houses as inspiration for the trail! And now we’re on the search for two incredible duos to bike their way through Holland, serving as travel hosts and sharing their experiences online with our thousands of fans across the globe!

Attention cyclists, bikers, or travel-adventurer fans! Do you have what it takes to bike through Holland’s authentic towns and countryside? We’re looking for entries that showcase engaging on-air personalities, prove the team’s adept biking ability, and of course, demonstrates a passion for Holland! Audition videos can be uploaded and entered via Holland or KLM’s Facebook pages starting today through May 1.

We will announce the two winning biking teams and how your readers can follow their adventures (and win special prizes just for watching!) in mid-May, so be on the lookout for a second announcement in a few weeks!"

Lets do this!

26 April, 2011

5th floor: Spinning

Fresh new T-shirt from the guys at 5th floor. Nice design.

What is Mountainbiking about?

If this don't make you want to try or go MTB, I don't know what will. Clean edit, well done.

Oscar & Felix in London

I can't wait to go overseas...

Bike City: How To Fix A Flat + Stupor Bowl

I like this. Not too many people out there can fix a flat. Great edit, someday I will race the Stupor Bowl.

Trafik: Exclusives: Ace Boogie

Trafik also shared with us, some great banners and stills from the film. I'll be dropping these ever once
and awhile to remind ya'll about the release on 6/21/11! Nice shot of Ace.

Trafik FB page

Keo Curry: Bronson Canyon

I love this spot. Good times here! This also stokes me out, cause it means that "To Live & Ride in LA"
is that much closer to dropping. Each week the homies over at Trafik will be dropping exclusive
content over at their site. So peep game and be sure to check up with them everyday!

It drops 6/21/11, on itunes, netflix, and DVD!

25 April, 2011

Triple Rush: Off Air...

WTF? Three episodes and it's been taken off the schedule...

Go over to the Travel Channels FB page and let them know quality shows like Triple Rush deserves a shot!

Affinity: H PLUS SON Contest

Affinity is holding a contest! Win some rims!!! Sick..

"Affinity is proud to be a new distributor for H Plus Son rims. Affinity is the only source in the US for the TB14 box rims. We have also made a limited edition run of Hard Anodized Formation Face rims to match the TB14 box rims available exclusively form Affinity. Check them out and buy them here. For all US dealer inquiries please send us an email to info@affinitycycles.com and we’ll get you set up as a dealer.

All rims are available in 32 and 36 hole drillings. In addition to these new rims, we also have a full stock of H Plus Son Eero rims, Formation face, F30 and SL42 in all colors and hole drillings.

To celebrate and showcase the new rims we are giving away three new sets of rims. We will be giving away one set of High Polish TB14 Box Rims, one set of Hard Anodized TB14 rims and one set of Limited Hard Anodized Formation face rims.

• How to enter: email contest@affinitycycles.com and tell us your favorite LBS (Local Bike Shop).
• The contest will end Next Monday May 2nd at noon NYC time.
• Rims will be shipped to your LBS, pick em up or have them built there!
• Winners will be drawn at random next Monday and featured in Tuesday’s blog post.

Good luck and make sure you check out the rims and all of our frames here."

Rider Profile: ALonso Tal.

This guy. I love it when Zoe comes out race, then I know it's gonna be good one. I don't get to see this guy to often,
but I know when I do, it's time to race harder then usual. A LA racer who shares the duties of having a Chrome Jersey
with some of the fastest cats in LA. I'm proud to share that with him and look forward to the next time we match wheels.

LMR: Guest Review: Jimmy Rosas

So Saturday, I was gonna go see LMR, Greg showed up to join me, but we got sidetracked... However, I ran into Jimmy
and He was going to go see it, so I asked him write a review for me.

"Yesterday, April 23rd was the screening for ''last men riding'' not a lot of the cycling community came out as expected but overall it was still a good time. The short film gives you an inside look into the lives of down town L.A. messengers & the struggles they go through daily. Specifically how new technologies are affecting their work in a way that's causing less use of them. Which will eventually lead to the end of bike messengers hence the name "last men riding". Greedy bosses also contribute by paying low wages causing their lives to be harder to live. It also shows the traffic dangers they go through like Ozzie's infamous bus accident & the hardship he went through but with help from friends, echo park cycles, & a love for cycling, he found the courage to get back on his saddle & do what he loves the most being a messenger & hanging out on 3rd & hope at “the wall” with the rest of DTLA’s finest"

Thanks man, great review!

24 April, 2011

Fixation the Movie

Sweet! Great preview Alex! I can't wait to see this! Very well done. Goosebumps.

Check out and like their page here.

Homies all over this. Bewm.

22 April, 2011

Last Men Riding

The Screening for LMR is Saturday afternoon at Los Angeles Film And Scrip Festival. While this is awesome
and I look forward to the screeing, it will be a bitter sweet day. Downtown lost one of their best this week.
R.I.P. Melissa Carr aka Mouse, you will be missed. You were always good and kind to me,
and I thank you for that. Everyone should come out and show your support of DTLA's Finest.

There is a Memorial ride tonight for Melissa, be at The Bridge at 7:30pm.

You can get tickets here, buy for Block three.

Bronson Canyon

The last of the posts on the Germans... Greg took us up to Bronson Canyon for the afternoon, last Sunday.
What a good day. What a fun spot. Sad it all had to come to an end, and we had to say good bye.

This Weekend in LA & SF

*Click images for info...

If you're in LA and haven't made it to Sound.Wavs yet, What is wrong with you? C'mon Son...

21 April, 2011

A fixie ride...

Get in the drops!

Wednesday Nights at Encino

Beaver took some photos of the homies at Encino last night. Great shots Beaver!


One the last day the German crew was in town, they want ed to film some hills. We rode past Maltman,
and it was to their liking. It's a deceiving hill, a nice grade to start, then it goes straight up for the last block or two.
Hinricht won style points on the descent and Simon ted shredded it, like no other.

Lord of Griffith lll: Sponsor Package: Swrve

I stopped by Swrve last night, to pick up the sponsor package. They hooked it up with two
pairs of shorts! Perfect for summer...

Thanks Guys!

Get your legs ready!

Swrve is another long time sponsor, and is some of my favorite cycling specific clothes.
Made in DTLA, and the best shit to ride in. Hands down.

Matt Spencer for Leader Bike USA

Sick! Nice work young man.

Chris Hensel

Anthony sent along these great photos of Chris last night. Really dig them. Classic track bike feel.

Check more out here.

Thanks Dogg!

20 April, 2011

Suicycle Bike Co. : So many stickers!

As a parting gift, our German friends left me with a stash of stickers.
I will be plastering and giving these out all over the place.
I hop to return the favor, when I come over to Hamburg!

Fuck your Frame! Ride Suicycle.

I love the new labels!

Nice work fellas! I heard you can win this one this week at the Macaframa Broken Bones Benefit. The new labels look great.

Chrome: Merino wool Socks

Socks! Chrome has Merino wool socks in three different lengths!


Outlier: A Necessary escape for spring 2011

Outlier comes through with all your spring Needs!

Check out the whole line here.


Check the rest out here!


I want to play.

JakarTARCK: Official Trailer

jakarTARCK Official Trailer from jakarTARCK on Vimeo.

More Track bike films! Yay!

Bicycle Kitchen Pamphlet

My Sister, Kelly asked me to checkout the New Pamphlet, that she made/ designed for the Bicycle Kitchen.
I have to say, great job Kelly! Clear and concise, you really understand what the Kitchen all about and what goes on there.
Go support!

19 April, 2011

CicLAvia 2011: Los Angelenos Take Back the Streets

CicLAvia 2011: Los Angelenos Take Back the Streets from Streetfilms on Vimeo.

I can't wait for the next one.

Peep Mick and Omar at 2:30!

Beaver's CAAD 9

So hot... Road ride this weekend Beaver?

To Live & Ride in L.A. - a fixed gear movie

The homboys over at Trafik just shared this with me. I am so happy that new footage is coming out, and that the DVD
is gonna be released very soon. 6/21/11 on itunes, netfilx, and DVD (that's where all the bonus footy will be)

Deets from our dudes...
"To Live & Ride in L.A. has screened around the world and the response has been out of control. Sold out shows, wild screenings, riots in the street, cop cars flipped over, it's like the Lakers won a championship. Now the movie is finally coming back to the States and we are proud to announce that it will FINALLY be available on iTunes and DVD on 6/21/2011 - The first day of summer.

Here's an edit from video we shot at the premieres in Los Angeles and Hawaii during the world tour. Thanks to everyone who came out to see the film and support global fixed-gear culture.

Keep checking in @ TRAFIKLA.com, we'll be releasing never-before-seen footage, photos, and other fun stuff leading up to 6/21/2011.

Become our friend on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or better yet - Tell someone about the movie!"


Ganni & Peter

Just some b-roll shots of the boys, I took at Bronson Canyon...


Travel Channel: Triple Rush: The Dispatchers

New teaser, new episode this week.

Tiny bike...

While I was visiting my Sister at the Bike Kitchen, I came across this tiny jem.
One of the cooks is rebuilding it and I'll update you on that progress in a few weeks.
Tiny Motobecane!

Continental Tires: Swag

More prizes from Continental! Arm and Leg warmers, plus and a pretty dope Jacket!

You better race this...

18 April, 2011

Interview time...

Juan got interviewed for Boris's upcoming Documentary. We are all coming to Germany for the premiere...

Bike pile

I was checking out MASHSF and to my surprise came across a photo Mike took of our bike pile outside of the MOCA.

Ghost 14

Ghost 14 from garrison Bumstead on Vimeo.

Bumstead Crew reppin...

The Germans (a couple of them)

I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with the raddest group over the last week or so.
This is just a teaser post from Friday. While it was fun and games, they did have some work to do.
Friday, Henry and Peter had to shoot for a commerical for a German Soda brand and I tagged along.
Wheelies with drops are the shit...

I'm sorting though photos right now, from the last few days. I'll bust out a few good post soon.
Until then, Good bye my new friends. Have a safe trip home.

LAVRA CUP 04/16/201

LAVRA CUP 04/16/2011 from Beaver Beavs on Vimeo.

While we were racing in the streets, Beaver was filming the Lavra Cup!
Great edit Beaver, better music choice!

Lord of Griffith lll: Sponsor Package: COG

COG Magazine comes through with two awesome prizes...

Lord lll

Stanridge Speed Bicycles: The HighStreet: Updates

Took it by O20 for the fellows to check out, and Hern snapped this photo for me,

This how I set it up for the race... Pursuits were amazing for it.
Tracko is gonna take it to the track on Wednesday, and ride it for a few days.
Then I'm hauling it up to SF for the homies up to take it for a spin.

Steven Jensen: Parking lot edit

Parking lot edit from steven jensen on Vimeo.


Art in the Streets: Recap

Saturday night we went to the MOCA for the Art in the Streets show. Damn it was good.
Here a little peek into it, I'll be posting more later.

Takeover ll: Results

Juan threw a race for our German visitors over the weekend. What a great day, and awesome race.
The first stage was an all out sprint form LAB to O20, which Hern took. Congrats!
Everybody rested for a bit, then took off on a six checkpoint alleycat. Brutal climbing and a hot day, but man was it fun.
I raced on the Highstreet. It's a little too big for me and I'm kind of hurting, but it was still a good day.

15 April, 2011

Fixed, And Two?

Yes, after the awesome first issue, they are looking ahead to issue two. Contribute!

Cadence: Spring Cleaning

Get some!

What I did last night...

Opened a bike shop in my house!

Continental Tires: GP Attack & Force

New road tire day! Threw these on my Felt F15. Amazing. I'm in love.

Takeover ll

The Takeover ll.

Be at LAB at 11am, race starts at 12 sharp. Juan is throwing it, so you know he ain't gonna wait for nobody.

Stanridge Speed Bicycles: The HighStreet: My first day

Hot damn. It came last night. I built it up, but couldn't really take it for a spin. Until this morning...

Last Men Riding

DTLA's Finest.

Los Angeles Screening

14 April, 2011

While I'm waiting for the Highstreet...

These showed up for the Highstreet. Now it just needs to get here.


Bike night at the Hammer: RAD!

I love this movie.


Thomson Musette

The homegirl Wei Wei over at Superb, made this awesome Thomson Musette.

Read all about it here.

When you coming back LA? I know a few people who would love to have one of these.

Travel Channel: Triple Rush: Nick's Triple Rush

Nick's Triple Rush from Triple Rush on Vimeo.

Triple Rush Premieres tonight at 7:30pm.

I watched the Press Screener last week, and loved the show. I really can't wait for the rest of the season.

13 April, 2011

Expresso: racing towards red hook

expresso: racing towards red hook (trailer) from Jessica Scott on Vimeo.


What Can I Do?

What Can I Do? from Rayyiu Radzi on Vimeo.

Two awesome edits in a row!


SEABASE vs SIMPLON Super8 from BRASCONA on Vimeo.


LDG: Heavy Artillery

LDG has built what looks like a bomb proof fork. I have really been thinking of building a trick bike,
something to throw around, cruise for days, and jump shit on. Thoughts?

Here's the details on the fork:
"Through rigorous testing and months of development, we’ve created a fork to withstand mass destruction.

A no-nonsense functional design; the Tank Fork features multiple gussets, thick chromoly investment casted dropouts and a fully machined one-piece steerer tube. Despite pumping as much brute strength into this fork as we could manage, we still haven’t left out any of the details we pride ourselves on. We’ve opted to machine our steerer for the extra rigidity and precise fit to ensure our fork would seat properly. Although this process adds to the manufacturing costs, we wanted a product that stands out from the rest in both strength and performance.

Just as we have ensured bombproof riding with our frame design, the boxed construction design, 14mm investment casted dropouts (comes standard w/ interchangeable 9mm or 10mm CNC’d spacers) designed to seat pegs properly without binding, and the use of thick chromoly tubing on the fork legs ensure peak performance under the most intense abuse. Tested by our riders off anything they could find, from rooftops to the tarmac."

Details Summary:
• Multiple Gussets
• 14mm Investment Casted Dropouts
• Comes Standard With Interchangeable 9mm or 10mm CNC’d Spacers for standard track hubs
• Dropouts Specifically Designed To Mount Pegs Properly
• Fully Machined One-Piece Steerer Tube
• Boxed Construction

• Steerer Tube = 1-1/8” Threadless
• Fork Rake / Offset = 30mm
• Axle to Crown (A2C) Length = 420mm
• Dropouts = 8mm Thick, Fitted to 9mm/10mm with Included Washer or Standard 14mm Axle.
• Material = 4130 Heat-Treated CRMO

Additional Details:
• Price: $175.00
• Estimated Release Date: 04.20.2011
• Colors: Raw, Matte Black, Drab Green