25 April, 2011

LMR: Guest Review: Jimmy Rosas

So Saturday, I was gonna go see LMR, Greg showed up to join me, but we got sidetracked... However, I ran into Jimmy
and He was going to go see it, so I asked him write a review for me.

"Yesterday, April 23rd was the screening for ''last men riding'' not a lot of the cycling community came out as expected but overall it was still a good time. The short film gives you an inside look into the lives of down town L.A. messengers & the struggles they go through daily. Specifically how new technologies are affecting their work in a way that's causing less use of them. Which will eventually lead to the end of bike messengers hence the name "last men riding". Greedy bosses also contribute by paying low wages causing their lives to be harder to live. It also shows the traffic dangers they go through like Ozzie's infamous bus accident & the hardship he went through but with help from friends, echo park cycles, & a love for cycling, he found the courage to get back on his saddle & do what he loves the most being a messenger & hanging out on 3rd & hope at “the wall” with the rest of DTLA’s finest"

Thanks man, great review!

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