03 November, 2010

Cadence: SALE!!!

Get up on some great deals!!!



Pepy - Leader Edit from Pepy Pepy on Vimeo.

Speed Bikes! Is it me, or does every European, fast riding edit, the riders have Pursuit bars? What happened to "Drop Bars not Bombs"?

Burro Bags

Burro Pedal Straps from L. Gustavo Cooper on Vimeo.

Love edits like this. Shows what's going down behind your fun.

Burro Bags

This Week/ Weekend in LA

Week five of SOUND.WAVS tomorrow night. This is our last Thursday night. We have done so well, that we were offered our own night on Saturdays! If you haven't seen it or heard it yet, come the fuck out!!!

A lot of bike shit happening, this weekend in LA. This is your heads up post. Day off, I'll post links and details. For now just get your legs ready.

On top of this, there is two days worth of CycloCross events/ races at Griffith Park! Once I find a flyer, I'll post it, for now here's the link.

Chubby Boob Love

Got some love from the Team yesterday. I'm sending some CB love out to Chicago as well. Bill, hope you got that spot on lock, cause it's coming.

Chubby Boob