27 December, 2010


Holiday Hype from BODABODANYC on Vimeo.


Chubby Boob: Year End Sale!

I have been spreading the Gospel of the Boob in my travels, now is your chance to get some boob love for yourself.

Go here for the SALE! Don't forget the promo code

Rider Profile: Adan Hernandez

Adan, my brother. I have known this guy for over half my life, we have been to the brink and back. So many war stories, so many Lulz, we have seen and done things that would make a normal man go insane. Coming home for the holidays, I wanted Adan for the Monday profile. He as amassed a wicked Schwinn collection, and rides all year round. Snow tires for the winter, slicks for the summer. My old faithful friend, who has been there, for so many of us Alaskans throughout the years. He's the best, even though we don't get to see each other very much, when we do it's like time stood still. If you ever make it up to AK, be sure to go to Oscar's Taco Grande, the only Taco truck in Anchorage. You will not be let down. I have the pleasure to fly down to Seattle with my friend, for NYE, and there really no one else I would want to be traveling with. Seattle, watch the fuck out. Trouble is coming.

25 December, 2010

Look what Santa got me

This package was waiting for me under the tree...

Trafik x Rampart = Xmas Package

Got a nice package from the homies at Rampart, before I left. I'll be spreading a few of these Tees and Water Bottles around on my trip. Mostly in Seattle, so track me down after Wednesday!

Get yours here!

Merry Christmas From TOLA!

Merry Christmas to all of you, from Joe and I. We hope you all got everything you wanted.

Thanks for being the best readers in the world.


24 December, 2010

Mission Workshop: Orion Jacket & Bosun Merino

Orion Jacket & Bosun Merino / Amsterdam from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

Rad, I want these.

Thanks to the homies at Mission for all the love this year. One of My Favorite spots in SF to visit.

23 December, 2010

Chubby Boob: Xmas Party

I am really sad, I'm missing this.

Merry Xmas to my Nerd Crew Family, Have fun guys and be safe!

I'll be thinking of you guys tonight, while I'm up here in AK spreading the Gospel of Chubby Boob.

22 December, 2010

Schwinn Saddle

Adan has a rad collection of Schwinn Bikes. I love this Saddle.

How we roll in the winter

A quick peek at how my Homeboy Adan rolls during the winter. Studded tires! More on Adan and his bikes later...

Bike Art in AK

Frozen Bike Art. In my old Hood. Snapped this quick, cause it was fucking cold.

20 December, 2010

LA to AK to Seattle

Xmas Vacation! I'm heading out of town for the Holidays. First to Anchorage for Christmas, then to Seattle for NYE. I'm super stoked. As you can see, I'm bringing two bags with me. One with clothes and gifts, the other has hats and stuff to give out to people Rampart, Trafik and of course Chubby Boob hooked me up with some things to give away once I get to these cities, thanks guys. So if you see me, I've got stickers from many different companies, some shirts, some water bottles and some things that hang on wires (those are for me to take care of). A few of the items are destined for blog buddies and homies, but just ask and you'll get something. PS, I need a bike to ride in Seattle! Zach, Ryan or Furby, hook me up! I'll be updating from both cities, visiting shops and riders, but mostly having fun. Merry Xmas everyone!

Melvin’s Wormtown 29er

A Geekhouse MTB? Sick. I'm about to fly off to AK, and I'm gonna go Snow MTB, while I'm up there. This really just put my in the mood, to play in the snow. I'll be riding something a little different then this 29er, but this is still a sick build.



VM Project Vol#1/4 "Vital Moment" from VM PROJECT on Vimeo.


Hipster 100

Hipster 100 from Grant Davis on Vimeo.

Love the song choice, great edit.

Before and After

Fabian at his first Cross race this past weekend.... His shoes were yellow at the start.

Who took these so I can give them credit?



Super cool. More go fast edits!

Rider Profile: Juan Gutierrez

Juan is a Hater. In a good way. He makes me see what is real and what ain't. He calls it like he sees it, with no mercy. It's awesome. Juan and his equally rad lady Gabby were the first people I rode with in LA. On some MR halloween ride in the first few weeks I had moved here. I think I was the only one with my face painted, (like King Diamond) then a few weeks later I tried to host this photo scanvenger hunt ride/ race, and Juan, Gabby and Armando were the only ones to show up. We went drinking instead of doing the ride/ race. We realized later that we had met on the halloween ride and I was the Kook with my face painted. Juan, is one of the best dudes to have in your corner, he has saved my ass more times then I can remember, in many different ways. A ride or die homie, that loves and hates bikes more then anyone else I know. Enjoy.


Guess who's bike this is. It's dope.

19 December, 2010


~@PEE PEE CHA CHA ft jesse santos from jakob santos on Vimeo.

What a beast. Jakob gets down, and is fun as fuck to hang out with. Keep it up homeboy.

17 December, 2010

Fortune 700

Fortune 700 Circuit Race & TTT Fall Edition from GlockWork on Vimeo.

LA races! Nice edit! Keep your eyes out, we've got alot planned for you guys in the 2011. We're gonna start the New Year off with a bang.

Bicycle Repair Man

Have a good weekend!

Yellow Card Magnet

So fucking cool. I'm gonna make these. So many times, I have need one of these. Yes, it's fun to kick in lights or slap windows or dent cars with ulocks. However, this is a little better way to get your point across and it makes them think. Being destuctive is great and all, I just think, we all need to realize we are representing every other cyclist on the road, with our actions.

Get the pdf of Peter Miller's amazing idea here and get the scoop on it!

21st Avenue Bicycles

21st Avenue Bicycles Sneak Preview from James Wilson on Vimeo.

21st Avenue Bicycles - Dedicated To Making It Awesome! from James Wilson on Vimeo.

How did I miss these? So rad. PDX!

Tour of Singapore 2010

Tour of Singapore 2010 from duraath on Vimeo.

In the Year 2011, we will be doing shit like this. More tour videos from the states, not just fixed tours, road bikes, bmx, etc...

This looked like fun, saw some Zlog t-shirt love in there.

Good Wood NYC

Got myself some Xmas Presents in mail yesterday. Two new pieces to add to my Good Wood collection. It's been awhile since I have ordered from them, I always love getting these packages. The best conversation starters, ever. My Cat Head piece, gets the heads turning. Love em.

Check out all their designs here!

Burro Bags: 2010 Artist Series

The homies over at Burro Bags sent us links to their Flickr, from their third annual art show. Great looking bags, that are for sale! Want!

Swoop on the bags here!

Here's the recap of the show.

This weekend.

16 December, 2010

iMiNUSD: RiDE 1 Trick Comp

RiDE 1 Trick Comp from iMiNUSD on Vimeo.

That's a lot of heads...

Green Door.

Slow day. Green Door, Pink bike.

Merry Xmas from Chrome

Got this in the mail, yesterday. A personal xmas card from the homies at Chrome. I won't say what it said, but it was really nice and thoughtful. Thanks guys!

Tracko Xmas

Kyle had the Chalk Bags Re-upped! I love mine! Would make for a great present!


Damn.... Gonna match my fixie whip.

15 December, 2010

Customized Bike rack

Seen DTLA, this past weekend. Want to see more of this.

I want to ride this.

Spotted over at HighSnob.

Dick Lane

Dick Lane from Lfour on Vimeo.

Rad. Stoked.

Nice find Kyle.

Us Versus Them: Improvise and Survive

Us Versus Them: Improvise and Survive from Matt Lingo on Vimeo.

Nice edit.


This is something Colt and I picked up at interbike '09. TRION:Z, using negative ions (magnets), it helps recovery time, heals you and makes you feel good. I had forgotten about this, then found mine in a drawer. I've been wearing again for about a week, it's totally awesome. You can feel the magnet on your skin and it gives you a nice boost of energy. The best thing, is that recover time is cut in half. After a long ride, and you got this thing on, you feel great, and feel like you could get right back on the bike and go the distance. I'm stoked, I found mine, and I'm never gonna lose you again, TRION:Z.

Los Angeles Winter Gold Sprints

Get some!


Bicycle Kitchen: New site!

The Kitchen has a new Site! Looks great! Designed by dylan haley of Type Goes Here.

Check out the Kitchen's Site Here!

14 December, 2010

Next up Cross!

Cyclocross National Championships Masters 35-39 from Josh Whitmore on Vimeo.

2010 Cyclocross National Championships Seeding Time Trial from Josh Whitmore on Vimeo.

Get dirty!

iMD Trick Competition

iMD Trick Competition from Mikul Eriksson on Vimeo.

While I sit in Portland's airport waiting on my flight back to LA, (I flew here for one hour, to hand deliver a package for work) I'll post some videos. First up, TRICK COMP! Homies all over the place, nice lines in there. Looked like a lot of fun, hopefully there are more edits to come!

Vaya Bags

While at the Renegade Art fair, this past Sunday. I came across Vaya Bags. I met the owner and solo maker of the bags. Tianna Meilinger hand makes everything. Super well made, great looking bags. Made from recycled canvas, from local sailboat factories and recycled bicycle tubes to make all of her bike tube gear. Very cool. She's on the West coast for a few craft fairs, I think SF is her next stop, so keep an eye out and check out the rest of the gear after the jump.

LAB Rats

LAB Rats in the Bay! from dylan Lawley on Vimeo.

The Lil Homies! Get some!

13 December, 2010

Garrison Bumstead: Footplant

To go along with the Video, here's Garrison getting busy with a footplant!

Anthony, I'm digging your shots! Click on the link for more!

ScumCity Vol. 1

ScumCity Vol. 1 from garrison Bumstead on Vimeo.

Nice edit homies. We want more!

Go Means Go: The Baphomet

I love this tee, and now it's crew neck. Ryan! I'll pick one up, when I'm in town for New Years.

You can get yours here, and read Ryan's Blog as well, while you are visiting.

OG Group Ride?

No! It's Copenhagen in 1955. Ariel shot of Langebro Bridge, Cyclists have their own lane on both sides. Why can't we have this?

Via and amazing blog Copenhagenize. Spend some time here, it's pretty good.

My Cycling Caps.

I have a problem...



I love climbing on my Track bike. The best.

PK! Follow!

Barnacle? I miss you dude. Let us know how the race turned out? I found this on the FB. Great photo of one of our good friends, who moved back to Thailand, and we all really miss him. PK!

Photo by Josh Dick.

Rider Profile: Hern

Lil Hern. One of the fastest dudes in LA. I have raced and lost against this guy more times then I would like to count. Solid rider, on any bike, you put him on. Makes me happy to see him race at the Velo, and racing Cross this fall/ winter. I expect big things from Hern in the next year. He's really put LA on the Map as far as fast goes in the street racing world and I hope he continues to dominate, in the racing world of gears and banked walls. I really can't wait for next year when we meet again in street races and on road in the Cats. Watch out Hern, I'm coming for you.



PK! How was the race part?

The Velodrome...2010

The Velodrome...2010 from RideITLikeUstoleIT!!! Race Video on Vimeo.

Marymoor! I miss riding you.

Lorem Ipsum: Part ll

More? Yes, please!

Check it out here.

10 December, 2010

Dreams Deferred

Another show, I stopped by to check out was the Tim Jieh's curated Dreams Deferred. Tim is one of producers/ editor/ jack of all trades of To Live and Ride in LA. So need less to say, there were ridazz everywhere, along with LA finest in Street Art culture. Eyeone and Lehumanbeing really stole the show for me. The first thing you ran into as you climbed the steps into the gallery. You were on eye level with the homies, for a second or two, and that really brought them to life. Check out the rest of the highlights, and go see the show for yourself!

1000 bikes: Pop up shop

CoolAssMike and 1000 Bikes had a pop shop, DTLA, last night for art walk. I got there around 8pm, and he was getting close to sold out. Sick. Good job everybody, way to support a great cause. Here are the designs, which are being printed and will be for sale again some time soon, check Mike's site for deets.

Study Footwear: First Look

I posted a week ago, about a new Fixed Gear riding shoe from Study Footwear. Last night I was invited to come to their LA offices, to come check them out in person, and get a little info on the shoes themselves. Loic was kind of enough to give me low down and show me around the office. From what I gathered it's a pretty popular shoe line in Japan, and is starting to take off in the states. I really liked the whole line, not just the Bike Drop shoe. Chubby Boob even got some love, my spoke card was recognized and I met the designer/ buyer who works with/ for the Japanese Buyer of Chubby Boob in the States. Small world.

MASHSF: Bar Ends

Pretty cool, I'm ordering a pair and holding onto them for my New Mash Frame. Stoked.

Get em here.

This Weekend.