17 December, 2010

Yellow Card Magnet

So fucking cool. I'm gonna make these. So many times, I have need one of these. Yes, it's fun to kick in lights or slap windows or dent cars with ulocks. However, this is a little better way to get your point across and it makes them think. Being destuctive is great and all, I just think, we all need to realize we are representing every other cyclist on the road, with our actions.

Get the pdf of Peter Miller's amazing idea here and get the scoop on it!


  1. That's such a good idea that it's inspired me to make my own. I call it RED PATCH: http://i.imgur.com/RNbVf.jpg

  2. @Motorist - Real live actual statistics show that motorists do everything in your tiresome laundry list far more frequently, and with far more ill effect.

  3. While we are aggressive on the road, it's only because cars make us that way. Give us Bike lanes and bike only roads, then we wouldn't have to battle cars for a small space on the road, and non of these things would go on.