30 September, 2010

Fortune 700


Great edit, can't wait for part two of this race.

Who's going to Hawaii?

So rad, keeps on moving forward!


Lorem Ipsum

The best night of Interbike, was Thursday night. Why? Because we got to go to a private showing of the new Cadence Collection in a hotel suite in the Hard rock Hotel. This is gonna so good once it drops, I really want a pair of the new denim jeans, the windbreakers, and Hoodies are killing it. A pair of Cadence Glasses would be nice as well. Not only was it about the collection, it was also about about hanging out and having fun. If you have never had the chance to meet Dustin in person, please go to the Fast Friday Finals in SF, this weekend. Tell him I said hi! One of the best dudes around.

Chubby Boob: Seal Capsule pack

New shit! Seal Capsule Pack, which features a hoody, tee, and tote set with matching hand-screened serial numbers, making every set unique! So dope. It's a sneak Peek, so stay tuned.

DownLoad the Chubby Boob Anthem, here! By Nine30 (happy Bday homeboy)

Chubby Boob

ThickSlick: The Biz.

Alright, lets talk about Thickslicks. I love em. Just ended my first one two days ago. The perfect mix between an Everwear and a Rando. I was a fan of both of tires. Everwear for how long they lasted (but hated the sidewall breakdown), and Randos, well, cause they're Randos. Thickslicks have won my heart, due to the pricepoint, and how long they last. I ran this tire for about two and half months, if I had been a little more proactive about rotating it, it probably would have lasted a little longer. Great stopping power for a slick, (amazing in fact) great speed, and control while skidding. I bought two this go around, one for each whip. As you can see just before threading pops up, there's this great blue warning line that appears, but get ready to switch, cause it doesn't last long at all. After almost three months, can you blame it?

This photo shows that most thicker protective tires, there is some squaring off, that happens. Thats to be expected, however, really didn't notice until the final stages of life on this tire. Thickslicks, great for for city, great for skidding. I found a tire I really like.

Update: Forgot to put which kind I was running... oops.
The Elite
Urban Armor Casing, Wire Bead
700 x 25c

Kinfolk x Zozotown

Looking good, Playboy!

Kinfolk and ZozoTown, teamed up to make a rad Colab. Klye? Can we get some hats at the shop, or one on my head?

Nice find Prolly.

29 September, 2010

Contador test's positive...

Wow, a positive test for the banned drug clenbuterol, a weight-loss and muscle-building drug, on the final rest day of the Tour de France this year. Sad. He faces lose of the title and a two year ban. Sad. There maybe hope though, experts agree that this could be food-contamination case, due to the large amounts of test he passed this year. We'll see. If it's true is anyone really surprised at this point. I mean, shit if doping would help me win Alleycats....

NY Times for more deets.

Best sticker from Interbike

So true, so true.

Fyxation Tire: Review

A few weeks ago, I put on a Fyxation 28c tire on my Affinity Lo-pro. At first I was amused by it. It sounded like a Zipper when I skidded, made me laugh. Then it just got annoying. When I would run the Affinity, about three times a week for my 12 mile commute, I would skid the shit out of this tire. Mainly to get rid of the noise and see what it could handle. I liked the stopping power and the grip of it. Stopped on a dime, almost too good. For me, I like the ability to move around when I skid, short controlled skids to get through tight spaces and back up to speed fast. This tire could do that, with the use of muscles to push it through, but it was too much work for me. I think thats cause it was the 28c. It just wasn't doing what I needed it to. I had to replace it. It just wasn't my style. As a trick tire or a average commuter tire, I recommend the 28 or the larger 35c for tricking, it'll be perfect. It really felt indestructible and after about a month of riding, it showed not that much wear with a ton of skidding going on. For a track bike rider, aka speed is king, it'll slow you down. I would love to try out the 23c to see if that is more my speed, and really give the Fyxation tire a review it deserves.

Lever Test.

So, yesterday I posted that I got these Quik Stiks from interbike. Well last night I had a chance to test them out. On two different rims, a H plus son and on a Deep V.


People are forever trying to improve upon perfection. The Stringbike is another one of those creations that try to outdo what is already perfect.

Here's the short discription from Gizmag:
The system features freewheel mechanisms on either side of the rear wheel connected by polyethylene rope to a precisely positioned, symmetrical swinging arm that drives the bicycle forward. When the unit on the right is driving the bike forward, the other is being returned to its starting position and vice-versa which is said to result in greater efficiency and makes for a more comfortable, easier ride.

Here's Video showing how the system works:

What do you think? Good, bad, or just plain wacky? I would love the chance to ride one and really give it the once over, before I pass judgement. I just know I probably will never hear of Stringbike again, once I post this.

28 September, 2010

This was waiting for me when I got home...

Sneakers, from DVS x Cadence. Thanks guys! They are super comfy... I wont be riding in them, Clipless FTW, however I am still stoked, to be rocking them. Nice coming home surprise, after Vegas.

California Bike Gear: Quick Stik

New Levers. Got em at Interbike. Gonna try em out today. I should be finishing off my thickslick on the way to O20 tonight. What is so special about these levers? Well, for one, they're a little longer then most levers and have a sort of a thicker handle on the end. For me, that's great. I have some issues with my hands and muscle strength, due to injuries from crashes over the course of my life. Anything that give me more tourqe or leverage is bonus in my book. Secondly, the shape of the head. It has a steeper angle, then other levers. It also has a longer cut-out section. Why? Well once you get under the bead of the tire, you twist the lever, so the cut-out rests against the lip of rim sliding it along, until the tire comes off. Repeat for other side. This is so you don't need two levers, one will do the job. It feels really durable, unbreakable almost. When I switch-out my tires, tonight, I'll post pics and tell ya how it went down!


Thanks to Colt for pointing these out to me.


I cannot wait for this. This is gonna be awesome. Open Streets for walking and bikes! Hopefully the first of many. A day of no cars, and it starts at my favorite spots in LA, continues through my hood, ending DTLA!!! So, think of this as an early warning for awesome Sunday. 10-10-10.

27 September, 2010

It was bloggers heaven...

It really was. Everybody was there... Well, not bikesnob, or Hipster Nascar (they were represented, by friends). There is one blog ya'll really should get to know. My main man Ace and his blog "The Sleepers". Great coverage my friend! It was the best to walk around with you on Thursday, at the convention and into the wee hours of the morning. "Come at me Bro". So good....

Pic by the Sleepie.

Fixation: The ride with one gear

FIXATION Teaser 1 - Velodromes from Alex Trudeau Viriato on Vimeo.

Looks good, who knows anything about this?

Mission Workshops: Switch out your Straps.

Another spot, I hung out at a bunch was the Mission Workshops booth. Great group of cats, who really love their product. I, for one, am in love with my Shed. I was gonna drop the review this week, but the guys asked me to wait a bit. I think it's due to the fact, I'll be getting one of these new Anodized Hardware Straps to switch out the existing Straps that come with the bag. I'll see if it really is that easy to switch out... I'm super stoked for these guys, I think it's gonna be a big year for Mission.

Guess who I saw there...

The Lord of Griffith. It was rad to see this bag walking around the floor of the tradeshow.

I heard Burro has a new tank top... It's really fucking hot out, and a tank top is what I need...

Chrome: Wrenched

Besides the homies, Corinne, Jackie, Sharkey, Matt (So good to know what ya'll look like, finally) the free tattoo, the super cool new products, (look for some write ups and reviews here) this lil' book was the raddest thing at the Chrome Booth (another spot I huge out at, probably most of all the booths). A guide of sorts. Interviews with taste makers in our world, from the city the book is written on. Each person interviewed, were asked the same questions. Ranging from, favorite bike shop to best place for outdoor drinking, (since SF was the first city, Dolores park was every bodies answer, of course) to best kept city secret. Really good questions, and the answers serve as an underground guide to the city. I have plenty of places to visit, when I go up to SF. The folks suppling the answers, were the Macaframa homies, MASH dudes, HUF, Benny Gold, Rebel 8, A dominatrix, Tommy G, and plenty of other people, that I respect. I heard New York is next, Then it better be LA, if you know what's good for you, Corinne. I already have my answers.

Clean Bottle

Looks like just an ordinary water bottle? Newp... I saw these at Interbike and was lucky enough to get one. Being a daily commuter in LA, my water bottles get nasty, inside and out. I'm running this bottle right now, and I will give my opinion in a few weeks.

Go means Go

Por Vida!!!

Check out his Blog here. Also, Seattle don't forget the BFF is coming your way! I know Ryan is looking for folks to help out. Great seeing you my friend!

MASH/ Cinelli

While everyone is talking about the new Colorway of the MASH Frame, what really blew me away was the hat. So cool. It has the date of Interbike and everything on it. Seriously, though. There's a lot of rad shit coming out this year from Cinelli for urban track bike riders. I'm thinking 2011, speed will be king. I know which frame will under me next year.

Affinity booth

The Affinity, Mishka, dart and Holdfast booth, was one I would stop by throughout the two days I was there. There were a few booths like that. Kind of a hub of activity in our circles. It was great seeing Prolly, and finally meeting the Hold fast guys (keep it up!). However, for me, it was all about the Affinity side. As a Lo-Pro owner, it was great to see how these guys build them up. Gave me some ideas as what to change around, or to do to mine. Plus the sweet coozie they made, fucking rocks.

25 September, 2010

Time to toot my horn.

Bewm. Made the Interbike daily. Bigs thanks to Chrome for the free tattoo, and thanks to Justin May for doing an excellent job.

Congrats to Bud!

While Tone took the whole night (4th year in a row.), I gotta say congrats, to the Lord of Griffith, BUD, for winning the drag section of the night!

Matt Montoya

Matt Montoya from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

When is Macaframa 2 coming?

We're Back....

Wow, what a trip. A very Successful, trip for us. Made friends, saw old friends, and worked it like a boss. So many LULz were had. My mind is still spinning. A lot to soak in, and digest, but in a very good way. Besides all the free shit you see here, TOLA!, made some great connections for our races. Bigger and better prizes, for you guys! As well as, more products for us to review/ test for the next season. New and old companies dropping shit, that we have exclusives for. All in all, it was a great time. This is just the teaser post about what went down. Over the next week (or two), I'll have more then enough to talk about.

21 September, 2010

Viva Las Vegas

Heading out of town, in few hours. I'll be updating as the week progresses.

Chrome: The Senator

Pretty cool looking. Wonder how much it can hold? I'll be sure to ask, since this is my first meeting of Interbike, tomorrow.

Get it here.

No brakes? How do you stop?

This is from the ArtCrank show in London. I really like it. Good job Workshop!


Cadence Water Bottles

Dustin, if you're reading this, please have some of these at Interbike. Save me one! I'm really excited to see the Collection. Just a few hours and I will be on my way to Vegas!

L'Eroica 2010

L'Eroica X le coq sportif (october 1st 2010) teaser from Le Coq Sportif on Vimeo.

I will do this ride, at some point in my life.

20 September, 2010

Bike shelf

This is so cool. What an awesome idea.


Interbike Screening of "To live and ride in LA"

It's free!!! Thursday, 9:30 pm, be there!!! We got a large posse coming from LA, so I expect to see all of you there. We roll deep. Be warned Vegas.


Nitto Bar Ends.

Swoop! These are dope. Machined perfectly. Just wish they had an NJS stamp on them...

Look who's in a Jager Ad....

Nate, from Macaframa. In an issue of Inked, I didn't buy it, just swooped on the photo.

19 September, 2010


Another banger. Nice edit Matt, I like your shit. Congo, you were okay.

Knice Clothing

Knice Clothing Fall Collection Promo from AMBUSHE on Vimeo.

See, this is what I am talking about.

18 September, 2010

Eye of the Tiger.

Get the hat here.


Wisconsin Weeked from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

Casey, this one is for you. I bet you don't miss Madison. Congrats, Dr. Hallows. Now you come down from SF and Visit.


Short and Sweet from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.

Nice edit from the homies at Wolfdrawn.

17 September, 2010

Black Daddy has a new website!

Check it out here. Justin is gonna go big this next year, I'm telling you. If you're gonna be at interbike, be sure to peep game, at his booth (Knice Clothing). Bring stickers, I heard there's a sticker wall or something at his jam...

Isn't one of those models, Simon the Beast?

MASH: Drag Race 2009

MASH Vegas Drag Race from MASH TRANSIT PRODUCTIONS on Vimeo.

This is from last year race. What a fun night of racing that was. This just got me really pumped for Interbike. TOLA! will be taking a road trip to Vegas and updating on all shit you are missing. Here's the flyers for the street races next week. So pumped!!!

Ronin Gallery: 2H, Tonight.

Go to this

Staple Hat

The Captains hat. As a fitted. Wish it was in black and gold, I like it anyway. If you couldn't tell by now I love hats. Send me some.


16 September, 2010

Police stops Cyclists.

Awesome, wear your helmet.

It might be late, but I never saw it. Thanks James

Hats, shoes, stickers and now straps?

Nice work Prolly. I'm impressed. We here at TOLA! need to step our game up. Give me some tips when we meet up in Vegas? Or at least bring me, my hat?

You can win these Straps here.


Dzr..... Shoes that everybody who rides wants Now. from James Adamson on Vimeo.

While I like this video, (great promo spot, shout out to Mission Workshop) I really don't like the look of the shoes. However what I do like, is the healthy competition that is popping up. DZR, Mission, Chrome are all coming out with SPD Sneakers at the same time, and the timing is perfect. Everyone is making the switch, to being clipped in. We got an offer to review a pair of one of these systems, so we'll be adding our two cents, to this debate soon enough.

15 September, 2010

Low End Theory podcast Episode 17: Daddy Kev and Baths

I forgot to post this last week while I was Sick as fuck. It's a little late, Enjoy!

Get it Here

CMWC 2010: Results: Seattle takes it!!!

Fuck yes. Seattle takes it. Craig would come into my Coffee shop every morning, we would talk about bikes and dicusss our rides, and routes through the city. Link up go ride, a really awesome cat, who loves bikes more then most people I know. I had no idea he was a racer. I would never see him at any races in Seattle. Now here he is, a few years later, winning the Main Race at the Worlds. Congrats my dude. Way to bring the win back to the Good Old USA. What a wild CMWC. This year was plagued by the weather and there are some crazy stories out there. Check out these links for video/ Stories/ Photos and a list of all of the events.



1 Craig Etheridge

2 Austin Horse
United States


4 'coach' Mike Pearce

5 Marcin Stoch
Warszawa / Krakow

1 Reitzel Josephine
Team Australia

2 Christina Peck
Chicago Cuttin Crew
United States

3 Kate Schrock
United States


5 Meredith Begin
Washington DC
United States

Top local KEVIN T ZUTL

1 Ivonne Kraft Karlsruhe, Germany
2 Mike “Coach” Pearce Washington, DC, USA
3 Francisco Dz Ul Medrano Panajachel, Guatemala

1 Ivonne Kraft
team bega
2 Reitzel Josephine
Los Maya's de La Carerra Cycles
3 Kate Schrock
Team Australia

1 Brooks Rapley
Los Maya's de La Carerra Cycles
2 Veit Rueckert
Team Australia
3 Matsudo
Japanachel TAKATA

1st – male/female Kai Edel / Ivonne Kraft
2nd – male/female Beaver / Nina Roettgers
3rd – male/female Kevin Barnhorst / Merideth Begin

1st – male/female Veit rueckert / Tron
2nd – male/female Matsudo / reitzel Josephine
3rd – male/female Strom / Christina Peck
Top local / Mario Pichya

1st – male/female Veit Rueckert / Tron
2nd – male/female Mason / Meredith Begin
3rd – male/ Kai Edel

1st – male/female Strom / Meredith Begin
2nd – male/female SAFA / Tron
3rd – male/ Obi Nobel

1st – male/female Beaver / Ivonne Kraft
2nd – male/female Steve Porno Frolich / Reitzel Josephine
3rd – male/ Obi Nobel
Top local / Gabriel Launcho

TOP VET Ivonne Kraft


DFL Biker Bill




BEST CHECKPOINT Noe Bunnell and Nora

BEST VOLUNTEERS Anton Bennett, Kell McKenzie

14 September, 2010

Trafik x Chubby Boob: On sale

Get yours here!

Big thanks to everyone involved, it can only go bigger from here. Much Excite. CBNC.

SEABASE vs STELVIO from YUHZIMI Ltd. on Vimeo.

Here's the Video of Patrick Seabase climbing and then bombing the famous Stelvio Pass, in the Italian Alps. Sick as fuck.

Life Cycles

This is looks really fucking cool. The story of a bike, from birth to death, about the bike, it's self. So cool.

Chrome: SPD Compatible Kursk Shoes

Looks like what Devon said is true, "Clipless is the new Aerospoke". I really want to try out a pair of these. I love sneakers, and I love being Clipped in. I just don't know if I'll be able to take off my Sidi's...

Via the Rumor


So good.

13 September, 2010

Zlog BFF edit

Lots of bangers in there. That was a fun week and awesome day. I'm still recovering...
Zach, it was a pleasure to meet you finally. Some day we'll ride, I'll be up soon but I'll be seeing you at Interbike?



Hern threw a race Yesterday! It was epic. 85miles. Santa Barbara to Santa Monica. 50 people raced! I couldn't race due to medical issues, (Upcoming Post) it was great seeing everybody. I hope the party was awesome, couldn't stay due to.... Well, you know.

Results: (copied from LAfixed)
1 Brian D
2 Bud
3 Victor
4 Illy
5 Mannuel
6 XMikeX
7 Rilo 1st fixed
8 Daman 2nd fixed
9 Matt 3rd fixed
10 xBrianx 4th Fixed
11 Ron H
12 Bicikiller
13 Sean M
14 Fabian 1st 18/under Geared
15 Andrew B 5th fixed
16 Sammy (He did a Time trial before the race so he get's #1 in my heart)
17 Riccardo
18 Edgar
19 Dan
20 Tyler Durden (John) 6th fixed
21 John M 7th Fixed
22 Sasha 1st Girl
23 Kyle TRACKO! 8th fixed
24 Carlos 9th Fixed 1st 18/under Fixed
25 Johnny
26 Ace
27 Adam
28 Ash
29 Jerome 10th fixed
30 Nolem
31 Chris N 11th Fixed (SF represent!)
32 Sancho 12th Fixed
34 Julio 13th Fixed
35 Robbie L 14th Fixed
36 Omar Poopoopeepee
37 Shaqq
38 T mag 15th Fixed DFL!!

Good Job Guys!

We got our Passes....

Get yours yet?

Update: Media center will have fresh baked cookies everyday for us media types. Prolly, Zlog, Tracko, let's do lunch.


My dude. He takes the best photos. Check out all his stuff here.

So Good.

I love these posters...
Some of the best quotes, from guys on bikes...

Get em here.