17 December, 2009

miketschmitt's Leader FGFS Bike with 2 Inch Tires

Next up Mike is moving from 175mm crank arms to 165mm and getting a bigger chainring for more gear inches. Looks future so far. Found on Trick Track, hi Tom!

DOT sez LA isn't White Enough

My buddy and fellow Bike Writers Collective member Alex Thompson broke a story involving some colorful comments made by LA Department of Transportation's bicycle coordinator Michelle Mowerey about Portland being ahead of LA cuz they're whiter. Even Bike Snob NYC is talking about it:
At this point, we do not know for sure who the idiot was, but either way it's hard to expect drivers and cyclists in Los Angeles to interact comfortably. On the spectrum of bike friendliness, cities like Copenhagen and Portland lie on the "very friendly" end, while Los Angeles lies more on the "hostile" end, just next to the surface of the planet Mercury. Consequently, drivers don't know how to share the road with cyclists, and cyclists are so marginalized they're not sure how to behave. It's an unfortunate situation, but rest assured the city of Los Angeles is planning to do something about it by increasing the number of white people there:

Yes, once Los Angeles can reduce the pesky racial diversity that somehow prevents them from being bike friendly, they can finally start developing a bikeway. From the sound of things, this whitewashing of the population should take about 20 years, though Mowery does not specify if this will involve importing more white people or else simply asking all the non-white people to leave.


Cadence X DVS Milan CTC

The First Cycling-Specific skate shoe!!!!!

The Milan CTC Cadence (Classic Tribute Cycling) has reflective detailing for nocturnal visibility, a stiffer lasting board that reduces leg fatigue and increases pedal stroke strength, and comes with specially designed patterning on the tongue that protects laces from toe cage damage. The shoe, however, functions equally as well as a skate shoe with all the skate-specific features as standard Milan CT.

The Milan CTC Cadence will be available at select skate and bike retail stores in May 2010.

Wow. For us, by us. Good job dustin. I don't wanna wait, but my bday is in May.... Just saying.

Via pedalconsumption

VéLOrue Trailer

VéLOrue Trailer from Bill Bottriell on Vimeo.

Don't remember seeing this any where...
Looks fantastic, very clean, good edit for a trailer.

Aurora shirts

These tee's look great, lemme get won.....

Via Locked cog

Get em at auroracollective

bike signal shirt

Rad concept. Last minute gift idea for that cyclist in your life.

Via bike rumor

get it at Eloicollective

Emi Brown: Los Angeles to Inland Empire

Emi Brown: Los Angeles to Inland Empire from Matt Lingo on Vimeo.

I really enjoi watching Emi ride a bike, you can really tell he loves it, always a big smile on his face.
He has a new blog, called Hotep6, and you all should become fans of it.
This is a ride he did from DTLA to Loma Linda, 60+miles to vist his family. Awesome.

Nike Sportswear Torch Air Max 90 Current Preview

Debuting next year within Nike Sportswear’s 2010 Spring/Summer collection is an all new technical material known as Torch. The moisture and heat management system will provide increased breathability and comfort as we see the technology applied with its 3-layer approach applied to a familiar Nike Sportswear favorite, the Air Max 90 Current. Two basic colorways will kick things off in all-white and all-black uppers.



Alright ladies and gentleman. This is the final night of the Root Down. After 12 years they are taking a break. The Root holds a special place in my heart, basically my entire adult life(21-30) I have been coming out. I earned my BBOY stripes here and got hip to what real Hip Hop Was.. It saddens me to see them close the doors.These guys have definitely been a staple in the LA hip hop scene. There never Was /Will be a place like this again.. Thanks ROOT DOWN.

R.I.P DJ DUSK.. Where do we go now?

30's Tour De France Photos

French racing cyclist Antonin Magne (1904-1983), competing in the 1930 Tour de France. (Photo by Roger Viollet/Getty Images)
I spotted this on BIKE JERK's FLICKR!! These dudes are pretty GNAR. Check the page for more photos!

Gus Molina Hop Bar..

RVA x Revival Premiere Edit!

RVA Revival ride & premier from Mike Schmitt on Vimeo.

Kilroy Short Movie

KILROY from Gorilla Bicycles on Vimeo.

This is really making the rounds today, I think alot tarck kids are gonna be happy once these frames are out in the streets.

Prolly gets the credit! thanks dude.

Mister Mort for A Continuous Lean New Era Caps

I fuckin love these.... hahahaha. Mister Mort is the man.

Check em out and get em at ACL

Hell yeah

Saw the new Hellyeah shirts and hoodies on prolly, thought I'd post the older shirts for those of us in tune with the bikeside of the force...

Go check out Juiet's site and buy some shit!!!

Undefeated x Masterpiece x Dickies

Undefeated teamed up with Masterpiece and Dickies to bring you these awesome chino pants. They did 3 versions of the black and 3 of the khaki featuring embroideries from both brands, as well as thick neon pocket zippers.
The collaboration will be released on December 19TH.

Head over to the jump to check out detailed photos of the pants!



Bored? Need a toy to get you buy your boring monotonous work day? try this!! UDEIECI Paper toy!
To make it, print it on recycled paper(please), at least 160 grams, scissors and glue sticks used to weld all the parts. The steps of assembly are your free interpretation ... that is also part of the game!
File: pdf 600kb.

From here

Nike x Undefeated U-MAN Puppet T-Shirts

Nike and Undefeated teamed up for this exclusive MVPuppet T-shirt featuring the Kobe and LeBron puppets in cartoon form.
These will be available Saturday, December 19TH at all UNDFTD chapter and web stores.
More photos of the tees after the jump!

Vans Vault Spring 2010 Del Barco Mid LX

Two fresh new colors coming out for the Zapato Del Barco Mids from Vans Vault.
Look out for these shoes to drop early 2010 at all Vault dealers.
Check more detailed photos after the jump!