30 April, 2010

This Weekend in LA

Holy crap, a lot of good shit happening in LA this weekend. First and foremost, Joe is leaving. Boo. So, come to 1642 Temple st. 90026 tonight at 9pm to say goodbye. Bewm. (I'm not racing tonight, so you know I care about this guy) Next, DTLA's finest throwing three events this weekend, a crit race tonight, (course looks good Ash!) Then on Saturday they're hosting this year's LA leg of the Velocity tour! The messenger that wins gets air fare to the CMWC in Guatemala this year. On Sunday, they've got bike Polo and BBQ. Also on Sunday is BikedayLA's one year Anniversary!

*pretty rad flyer done by our own Justin McMillian aka Mr. Quick

29 April, 2010

Michael and Jamil


Damn, LA getting shit done. Nice work youngsters!

WIN A Pair Of VERY Limited DVS x PC Shoes

Here the deets...

Here is your chance to WIN a VERY limited pair of DVS x PEDAL Consumption shoes! The rules are simple, send us a photo (500 pixels wide or more) of you showing your PEDAL Consumption love! Use your PC stickers (not required) or your creative imagination!

Send your photo entry to
patrick[at]pedalconsumption[dot]com and we will pick the winner on May 2. That’s right... you only have 4 days! Please remember, we do not condone the destruction or vandalism of items and property you do not own and no entries harming or damaging to animate of inanimate objects.

One winner will be announced late Sunday evening. Sizes range 5-15 in men and 5-11 in women. Have fun and show that PC love!

Do ET!


28 April, 2010

Chrome Announces MY FOOTS photo contest

Following up from their Turds For Gold promotion where Chrome shipped out over 5,000 pairs of free shoes all over the globe, they now want to see how folks will live in them.

Here's the deets...

Between now and August 1st, take a photo of yourself in your new Chrome shoes and send it to: myfoots@chromesf.com. The photo can document your daily life, be humorous or ridiculous. Most importantly, it should say something about you. In August, the Chrome staff will vote on the top four submissions. A staff member will then visit each of the finalists’ hometowns, hook them up with some Chrome goods and photograph them to be featured in a Chrome ad campaign later this year.

“We can’t wait to see what kinds of submissions we get,” says Chrome Marketing Director, Matt Sharkey. “This isn’t hollow market-research, this is us wanting a glimpse into the many different lives that make up the extended Chrome family.”

By submitting your photo to myfoots@chromesf.com, you grant the Chrome crew full permission to blast it all over the interweb, use it as a dartboard in the office, or for any other activity they do so choose. For any questions regarding the MY FOOTS photo contest, visit the Chrome Facebook Fan Page

This is so rad, I can't wait to what the homies round here come up with....

Thanks Chrome, you guys rock!

George, Joey, Brandon visit NYC

George, Joey and Brandon visit NYC from Brandon Turner on Vimeo.

Another dope edit from my homies on the westside!!! Looks like they had fun rampaging around NYC!

Spring Edit

Spring Edit from Beaver on Vimeo.

From the homies at LAB.

I love LA!!!

27 April, 2010

Happy Trails Joe!!!

This Friday, it's a sad day. Joe is leaving us to go north to SF. Before that, however... Is the going away party. Much talent is coming out to play Joe off into the sunset.. An incredible line-up of LA's finest... and a special guest star from SF will be MCing...
Come one, come all...

Friday, 9pm
1642 Temple St.
LA, CA 90026

Anytime Jam 3 May 30th

It's early, but get ready for this!!!

Here's the deets

May 30th at the SPAUSA Ramp
Am & Pro
Mini Ramp Jam format competition
High Air
“Wall Tap Challenge” for $100
Best Trick (Ramp and Flat Rail)
Check back up soon for more info!
Thanks Mike Bertino for the bad ass poster!

From The Anytime Crew

Harry Main: Bunnyhop Flair


This is making the blog rounds today. ILL...

EstateLA "jah love"

Ryan brings back the "jah love" design in black this time. I love EstateLA, one my local favorites. Really well made hats. Dope.
Get it here

26 April, 2010

Riding the Long White Cloud

Riding The Long White Cloud - Trailer from friendlyfire on Vimeo.

Fucking awesome. This really makes me want to travel...

I have dreams of doing this...

The Crew and the road.....

Thanks Tracko

Holy Shit... Welcome to the team

Shadow Conspiracy Welcomes Ben Hucke from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Watch this a few times, how he gets up is crazy, also watch where his bike lands.... damn....

Welcome to Shadow Conspiracy Ben Hucke

Via Highsnob

Macaframa: NYC

Macaframa New York Trip from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

I love this edit. It's almost summer, and it's time to travel. With so many homies all over the country, (some soon to be leaving LA, sad) I really can't wait to get on the road and go visit them with my bike. I think this gonna be a great summer!!!

24 April, 2010

The Ronin Gallery: Nex. Gen

This gonna be dope. All the homies, dope art, home brew, and truck chow. Do you need anything more? I don't.
Great job Peeks, much excite to see the new spot!

Deets on the Gallery

23 April, 2010

Big Wheel Cyclocross and Good Bye BBQ

This Sunday is gonna be epic. A BBQ, bike swapmeet, big wheel cyclocross, going away party, all wrapped up into one huge party.
I'm sad to say but a few of our friends are leaving, at the end of this month. Joe goes to SF, Megan and (?)Zach(?) are going to Chicago (congrats on getting your schoolin on, lady!) and I'm sad to see these guys leave. Life is too short, and I'm happy to have met you all. You three are all awesome in your own ways, and I'm a better person for having you in my life. I know this isn't goodbye, but I'll see ya'll later. (Joe, I'll be in SF all the time now, plus trips to Seattle, homie!) Thanks for being my friend, ride down that road and back again! You guys are pals and sometimes my confidant. LULZ. So, to the rest of you, COME SEND THESE GUYS OFF MOST EPICLY THIS SUNDAY!!!

Elysian Park 12pm
At the Crest of Stadium way (where LAfixed swapmeet/ bbq's have been in the past)
Bring food to share, there will be beer, but more is always better.

Bootleg Sessions 4 Trailer and Pre-Order

Bootleg Sessions v.4 HD Fixed Gear DVD full trailer from Ride/Relax Productions on Vimeo.

Pre order here.

Banksy in SF

Well now, looks like Banksy is giving us in LA a little stab, for what went down on La Brea. Nice work.

Single Speed CycloCross World Championships

This October, Seattle will host the SSCXWC!!! I, for one plan on attending. Come on up with me if you want too. It's gonna be a blast. But, before that, is a pre party. To get everyone in mood for what Ryan (Go Means GO) calls three days of awesome!!

Here the Deets on the pre-party...
Come out to Hooverville April 29th to get a small taste of what will be taking place this fall. MFG will be announcing their race calendar for the season, there will be a DJ, beer specials and free stuff. It’s 21+ and free to attend.

Here the SSCXWC site, not quite up yet, so keep checking.

22 April, 2010

Velo-Studio Premier Party May 15th 1pm

Just saw this. Looks like a awesome new shop in Burbank, maybe a higher end TT and roadie shop? Can't really find out any info more then this flyer. A lot of the homies are sponsoring this event, so it must be good? For me, any time I see Felt as a sponsor I'm there. (kind of a sucker for their frames) Be sure to RSVP here: velostudio@velopasadena.com

Flow x New Era "Brewers"

Goddamn! The Black/Orange Colorway is the Jam! Nice twist on the Brewers team logo.

Get yours at Flow

21 April, 2010

Guess who's back...

More. more! We want to see more!

Oh wait, you can when this comes out.

20 April, 2010

The Takeover: Results...

The Takeover from AMBUSHE on Vimeo.

What a race. This past Saturday our homie and fellow TOLA! blogger Juan threw a race. Due to the luck of roll of the dice, myself and Hern only had about 35 mile route. (I'm guessing that) While others (Greggityboop) had upwards of 48-50 mile routes. It was brutal, you were alone most of the time, only seeing fellow racers leaving checkpoints or coming in after you're heading back out. To be honest, I want more checkpoint races to be like this. Luck of roll, and also a true test of street knowledge. Do you know the best routes in your city? A race like this will test you, and have you second guessing yourself. I won overall (got the Chrome jersey!!!) and Lil Hern got 2nd overall. (1st roadie) Thanks to Juan for such a rad race and nice choice of checkpoints. Thanks to all those who raced, see you at the next one! Thanks to all the Sponsors! Chrome, the Jersey is sick.....

Redbull mini drome

Red Bull Minidrome from Radar Films on Vimeo.

This is the official edit. Makes it look a little more fun....

Pentabike Handlebar Muststash

I saw this over at Prolly, and had to repost it. Such a good idea and awesome design work.
Head over to Pentabike for one, but swoop fast. Only 24 have been made for the first run....

R.I.P. Guru.....

You were one of illest to bless the MIC. Ever. King of Monotone with your own drone...
You will be missed, and my daily rides will never be the same....

Thank you.

19 April, 2010


Gnarpark! from Beaver on Vimeo.

My dudes, Joey, Fram, lil josh, George, Cuzburg and Beaver (who filmed) from LAB went down to ride Long Beach for the Gnarpark
BBQ Jam. Looks like it was a ton of fun, nice job homies.

Skin Grows Back

A little over two months ago, I saw these bags, and other messenger-based products in Orange20. I had a chat about Skin grows Back with TJ. He told me hands down the best bag he has seen come into the shop lately. We talked about them and how rad the owners were and that it's an Australian based company. The conversation stayed with me for awhile, and my homie Juan wanted to throw a race. (which was this last Saturday, which I won, Joe should be doing a write up soonish...) So I hit up Catt and Jamie for sponsorship for Juan. They responded really fast and were very stoked to be apart of the race. They sent a top tube pad, wallet and their version of "hold fast straps" which look amazing.
(I'll be getting a review of them, from the kid who got those) This company is worth checking out, and I'm impressed by what I have seen so far. Thanks for the prizes guys, and keep up the good work!

Here's what the DX pedal straps look like.

I love their Mission statement....

Skin Grows Back was started in 2006. We thought there was a need for Australian made, reasonably priced, well built Bicycle Courier Bags and accessories.

Our aim is to provide products that make life on the road easier as well as being durable and functional. We use the best quality materials because we want
what we sell to last the duration and not end up as landfill.

We are a web based company to reduce overheads, we reuse packaging where possible. Some products are made from recycled materials. We like to
support ethical Australian manufacturers for the products that are not made by us. Being Australian made is not about flag waving for us.

We like to ride our bikes. Happy riding, Catt & Jamie

Benny Gold Diamond Embroidered New Era

Benny Gold loves bikes and skateboards. I love his tees and hats. Especially this one.
Diamond embroidered fitted for this season. Dope. Pick it up at stores with Benny Gold accounts...
Don't sleep.

16 April, 2010

iPad Sprocket Pocket

iPad Sprocket Pocket from MAYAnMAYA on Vimeo.

Pretty Sweet Idea for the casual rider, but kind of a gimmick... I wouldn't trust an Iron on.. Shit would Have to be sewed up..

TV's in the headrest is soooo last decade.. Ima play movies on my back while Im riding my bike.. Next level son.

Their Description:
A 5 minute film that shows how-to build your very own wearable iPad Sprocket Pocket.

This was a MAYAmake 24-hour project.

The Sprocket Pocket, and the MAYA Sprocket iPad application were designed, prototyped, tested, manufactured in limited quantity (9 in first 24 hours where built and 4 were given away at an Apple Store just for fun to random bike riding iPad owners), packaged, and deployed all within 24 hours before the launch of the iPad.

For more information, to download the patterns or just find out what the heck we're talking about, check out: maya.com/sprocket

Fundraising this weekend in LA!

The Takeover! This Saturday (April 17th) $5 dollar entry. It's a six checkpoint race, which checkpoints you go to, will be determined by the roll a die at each checkpoint... It's really about the luck of the draw and strength of street knowledge. The 5 dollar entry for this race is going to the Bicycle Kitchen. Who is celebrating their 5th year Anniversary on Helitrope and Melrose. (My home away from home and "bike District" of LA) You can learn more about their fundraising drive here.

Race Deets:
Orange20 130pm $5
Race starts at 2pm sharp. DON"T BE LATE, OR YOU WILL NOT RACE. (So Sez Juan)

Afterparty/ awards:
1642 Bar 430pm
1642 Temple St.
LA, CA 90026

Then on Sunday, (April 18th) is the fourth year of Burrito Project LA! So they're throwing a race and a fundraising afterparty DTLA!
I love Burrito Project, such a rad idea. Make food, deliver it to the homeless on bikes. Dope!!!

Echo Park Cycles, 12 noon
Bring a bag and some cash (think mini Cranksgiving)

Bar 107 DTLA 2pm

I took the pic off Tracko, cause I liked it, and I couldn't find a good image of the flyer...

Super TED!!!

I have yet to have had the pleasure to meet Super Ted. I'm hoping that someday soon, he'll come to Socal and kick it with us.
Until then, I'll just have to rock his face on t-shirt. What I'm really thinking, is to put someone's face from around these parts on a shirt... Who? Guess correctly and you'll get one for free, when I get around to making them...

Seen on prolly,

via 14bike co.

Animal bikes 10 year anniversary

Ten year Anniversary of Animal bikes, means dope fitted! Congrats guys for making us move for 10 years!!!

15 April, 2010

The Annual Blessing of the Bicycles

The Annual Blessing of the Bicycles
at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles
Tuesday, May 18, 2010 8 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. Blessings to begin at 8 a.m.!

Get Blessed!
Get Breakfast!
Get a Free Bike Check!

For more information call Good Samaritan Hospital: (213) 977-2911

14 April, 2010

Bicycle Kitchen empowers a growing movement

Happy Birthday, Bicycle Kitchen from 89.3 KPCC on Vimeo.

Lauren M. Whaley for 89.3 kpcc Breaks down the Bicycle Kitchen History and 5 Year anniversary event. In the video, as an added bonus, If you look close enough you get a glimpse of a TOLA sticker ;)

The Bicycle Kitchen is a non-profit that runs on volunteers and small donations. Anyone can visit the small space on Heliotrope Drive and Melrose Avenue to learn about bikes, fix bikes or build bikes. The Kitchen provides tools, teachers and used parts.

Between the Kitchen, group rides, bicycle advocacy and help from the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (which recently started a bicycle blog), there are an increasing number of two-wheelers popping up in this land of freeways.

Read the Whole Story HERE

Ride AD

My homeboy Andrew has just dropped a jem with this t-shirt, "Limited Geometry". I really dig it, and at $15 bucks a pop you can't beat that. A lot of other bike tees these days are getting a little out of control with their prices. It's nice to see such a good price for a good design. Plus it's limited edition, (only 100 made) so really, he could have charged what ever he wanted to but didn't. Pick one up here, or come to "The Takeover Race" this Saturday April 17th at O20, 130pm and win one. Andrew will be on hand, not just as a sponsor of the race, but as a filmer of it. He's been to almost every event in LA this year, putting it all down on film. Then the next day, dropping rad little edits. This guy works very hard. Big things from Andrew this year!

Limited Geometry Promo Video from AMBUSHE on Vimeo.

Dj Premier VS Pete Rock Stussy T-Shirt

Not only do I want to be in Japan for this show but now I want the T-Shirt for it. At least I can do one of these things...

On sale April 24th, Stussy.

13 April, 2010

Los Angeles Burrito Project race starts at noon, Echo Park Cycles

Come join us downtown this Sunday to celebrate 4 years of Burrito Project! Bring your wallets for tasty food, cold drinks, raffles, and a bartender auction. All proceeds goes to feeding the homeless of downtown.

Bike race starts at 12:00 pm at Echo Park Cycles. The winner gets $100. Bring a bag and some money to the store. Think of the race as a mini Cranksgiving.

Party starts at 2:00 pm downtown!

Office Depot to deliver by bike in UK.

This is awesome... A major company in a major city doing this.... Good work Office depot!

Here's the deets...

Office Depot’s cargo bikes will take motorised traffic off the roads: 75 percent of Office Depot’s deliveries in London’s Square Mile will be transferred from vans to bicycles. In the London EC district Office Depot normally distribute around 1350 cartons of office supplies each day. Around 900 cartons per day will now transfer to the cargo cycle, meaning less vans on the street.

Bike rumor


SHRED-WELL from Mike Schmitt on Vimeo.

It's long, but worth it...

Banksy is in town....

Another one! DTLA!!!

Did anyone go to the premiere last night?

12 April, 2010

Low End Theory podcast Episode 14: Nobody and Take


Get it here!!!

Banksy is in town....

He's here. Keep your eyes out. This is at 4th and La Brea.

Greggityboop's bike and some chick cleaning it...

Clean that shit. I know how dirty you two get.

The fixfixfix

Normally, we don't post these kinds of things, but since it's Greg's bike and lady, I figured it would be okay...

Jiro belt x Vittoria : il Guerriero

Just in time for Giro d’italia 2010, Jiro belts and Vittoria combine powers to create a limited edition belt for the Italian Tour.
I really love the colors and these belts are awesome. Jiro sponsored a race we threw back in March, and the winners loved the belts.

Here's the deets from the site, there's only 30 belts available, so jump on it!

For the GIRO D’ITALIA (Italian Tour) 2010, JIRO in collaboration with VITTORIA, offers the most unique item in its kind.

The last 30 remained tyres in the world of the “IL GUERRIERO” type, manifactured in the Italian flag colors to celebrate the tricolor of Michele Bartoli.

This unrepeatable limited edition will include a pair of “IL GUERRIERO” tyres by VITTORIA in their original box and a JIRO set which is composed of a belt and a bracelet made just for this special edition.

For more info and reservations please contact: guerriero@jiro-belt.com

Michael Chacon

Michael Chacon Quick edit from Michael Chacon on Vimeo.

Nice lil homie!!! I expect big things from this kid....

09 April, 2010

08 April, 2010


Uploaded by onemoreprod. - Independent web videos.
New York invasion by 8-bits creatures !
PIXELS is Patrick Jean' latest short film, shot on location in New York.

Written, directed by : Patrick Jean
Director of Photograhy : Matias Boucard

This is a really awesome video!! Enjoy!

07 April, 2010

Strangeloop: 2010!

[or] How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Technological Singularity..

The exclusive visual edit made to accompany Dr Strangeloop's mix for my BBC Radio1 show..
In his own words: "It's about a dystopian alternate universe where an AI-Deity has become imprisoned within its own Ego. It discovers a transcendental media living within an archaic laptop, which upon viewing, facilitates its spiritual evolution."
check www.instituteforcinemastudies.org and www.brainfeedersite.com for more information.

April 25th

BIG WHEEL CYCLOCROSS / BBQ / BIKE SWAPMEET. This is coming up soon, more details will follow as we get closer to the date....

It's gonna be good time and a sad one, for a couple of homies are leaving LA.... I'm gonna miss you Joe, and you too Zach.

Thanks to Simon the Beast for such a rad flyer....

Wild Ones: LA Warriors

I'm a sucker for all hats with LA logos, and these got my attention. LA logo in all LA team colors? I'm down.
But they're not out yet....

Wild Ones

Vans Vault x LA Dodgers Mid Skool LX

Go Doyers!!! Show your dodgers pride this year with these jams.... Matching Vans to limited edition matching Majestic Authentic Jersey for the home town team! But only 12 pairs of Mid Skool LX will be on sale April 13th at Undefeated Silverlake.... Get there early...

3827 West Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

06 April, 2010

LDG pursuit inspired frame! DOPE!

Ok so there has been a lot of back and forth about Livery Design Gruppe and their direction. Some cry about them putting Local Bike shops out of biz and some just cry in general. In some aspects I have to agree, one company cannot do EVERYTHING. Somethings you are good at some you suck. With that said I really , really like the lines and design of Livery's new "Pursuit" style frame. I feel like they hit it on the nail with this one. Nice job fellas! Now if they just let me do a paint scheme and proper build, with drops of course, it would be Game over.... I really would like to test this puppy out...

Mission Workshops: Grocery Run

Grocery Run - Vandal Cargo Backpack from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

These bags are amazing... Everyone I know, who has one loves the shit out of it.

Baphomet Cycles

Damn, I like these. I wish there were better pictures on their site, but I like what they got going on. Simple shit.
Knickers for riding and Hoodie that holds your helmet in place. Out of Boulder, CO. Thanks Jerome

Here the deets on hellmet hoodie from the picture

--lightweight hoodie (not as warm or as heavy as a heavy weight)
--Hook/Loop fasteners keep your hood stuck on your Helmet
--Comes with 2 pieces of stick-on Hook fasteners for your Helmet
--glove-friendly nylon webbing tab for hood engage/disengagement
--the logo, drive-side shoulder-blade

Get here

05 April, 2010

Redbull mini drome

Mini Drome through the eyes of Grunt5 from Grant Davis on Vimeo.

Wow, not as fun looking as I thought... Maybe for a couple loops but I would rather go to Encino any day of week over this thing.

New Era x SIGG bottles

New Era Japan is killing it with bike related products....
It's not fair. I want one. Now. Match my hat to my water bottle, next level shit.
Sigg bottles are pretty dope too... Bring 'em over here!!!


Skateboardanimation Video

Skateboardanimation from Tilles Singer on Vimeo.

This is really cool...