14 April, 2010

Ride AD

My homeboy Andrew has just dropped a jem with this t-shirt, "Limited Geometry". I really dig it, and at $15 bucks a pop you can't beat that. A lot of other bike tees these days are getting a little out of control with their prices. It's nice to see such a good price for a good design. Plus it's limited edition, (only 100 made) so really, he could have charged what ever he wanted to but didn't. Pick one up here, or come to "The Takeover Race" this Saturday April 17th at O20, 130pm and win one. Andrew will be on hand, not just as a sponsor of the race, but as a filmer of it. He's been to almost every event in LA this year, putting it all down on film. Then the next day, dropping rad little edits. This guy works very hard. Big things from Andrew this year!

Limited Geometry Promo Video from AMBUSHE on Vimeo.

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