14 April, 2010

Bicycle Kitchen empowers a growing movement

Happy Birthday, Bicycle Kitchen from 89.3 KPCC on Vimeo.

Lauren M. Whaley for 89.3 kpcc Breaks down the Bicycle Kitchen History and 5 Year anniversary event. In the video, as an added bonus, If you look close enough you get a glimpse of a TOLA sticker ;)

The Bicycle Kitchen is a non-profit that runs on volunteers and small donations. Anyone can visit the small space on Heliotrope Drive and Melrose Avenue to learn about bikes, fix bikes or build bikes. The Kitchen provides tools, teachers and used parts.

Between the Kitchen, group rides, bicycle advocacy and help from the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (which recently started a bicycle blog), there are an increasing number of two-wheelers popping up in this land of freeways.

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  1. Dear TOLA,

    Thanks so much for your continued support. You Rule!