02 August, 2010

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: Freedom Bicycle: ThickSlicks

We're super exicted to have a Freedom Bicycle as a tire sponsor this year. The winner of this race will most deffinitly need a new one after this monster race. Thickslicks, are amazing, a few of us have been running for quite sometime, Kyle at O20, turned us on to them a few months ago. They're the best skidding tire, I've rocked in minute. Nice and grippy, rolls smoothly, skids are super good, kind of great mix of between a Rando and Everware. If you can't win one, go cop one at your LBS, plus they have an amazing price point, $18-30, and that can't be beat.

Go to Tracko and read his take on the tires! Thanks Dude!

Intro to Track Racing

This Wednesday, is the jump off for the six week, Intro to Track Racing clinic. It's gonna be awesome. It's also Beavers Bday, (happy early bday my friend)! so it's gonna make the night that much more epic. Please pre-reg at Encino.

Just for you.

Happy Monday. I owe you one.