04 April, 2011

Brimstone Ridaz on Vimby

Rowe and the boys are back with an edit.

From David:
Hey everyone I’m really excited for the long awaited upcoming release of To Live & Ride in L.A. which is coming up just around the corner. In the meantime check out this video I did for Vimby about the Brimstone Ridaz who are featured throughout TL&R. It was good to work with the guys again and also include some footage we shot before that didn’t get used in the feature film. Anyway enjoy, and I promise this movie will be out before you know it!

Stay tuned for the release date!

Emi Brown Pt. 1

Emi Brown Pt. 1 from A Wi Mer on Vimeo.


Black Line Fever: Bob Hansing Memorial Cup Series

I busted a solo ride to Encino on Saturday. Meet up with Juan, and Gabby to watch other homies
race "Black Line Fever", a Bob Hansing Memorial cup series at the Velodrome. Great ride there, good times at the Velo all day.

My Felt F15

So I slacked on the Monday profile this week. This is the reason why. My new roadie! Spent all week getting to know her, and all weekend riding her around town. I already switched some components (stem and seatpost), but for the most part she'll stay the same (Wheels and saddle are next. Road shoes and road peddles, too. Open to suggestions?) Ultegra 6500 group, 6700 cranks and BB, 6500 hubs laced to Open pros. I'm happy and she is a welcome addition to the stable. Looks great next to my Felt tk2... See you on the road!

Stanridge Speed Bicycles: Mashin Across America

If you remember a few weeks ago I did a little post on the Highstreet. I kept in touch with Stanridge, through emails and
their FB page. Last week I was invited by Adam, to take place in the HighStreet's "Tour de Blogs" and Velodromes across the USA.
I can't wait for this bike to get to me. While I only get to ride it for a short amount of time, we have a lot of plans for it.
Races, rides, edits etc... I'm pretty stoked, I just hope Prolly doesn't fuck with it too much...

Deets from Adam at Stanridge
Building the Highstreet was fun for Stanridge. The Highstreet garnered an enormous amount of attention when it dropped and quickly became the most focal bike we've built to date. The attention has us real stoked. What's the point of building a beautifully functional bike and propping it in the corner or hanging it in the window of a shop never to get ridden?

We wanted to give back to the guys that have helped us find our feet. Sharing my plan with the boys here in Columbus confirmed the belief that the tour was definitely the path we were to take. The guys are going to take a load of video while they take their turn with the Highstreet. We're really looking forward to the project, video, feedback watching the project take place and sharing the outcome with you.

I can't wait!