05 January, 2011

CoolassMike for Bern

That's a good look for you, homeboy. Congrats!

42 x 12 The Cult of Fixed

My sister got me this Coffee table book for Xmas. 42 x 12 The Cult of Fixed. It has some really great quotes, and has some awesome photos in it, plus homies show up from time to time. I swear, Jusi is in this, but there's no rider credit to the photo. I'll have to show him. The thing that bugs me out, is the cover. Doesn't the guy look like a darker verison of AceBoogie, with dreads? It really trips me out.

Inside the mind of Street Art

Nice. Truth.


Bikerowave: Free Clinic

Our homies at the Bikerowave (the other kitchen like spot, but we still got love for them) are hosting a FREE maintenance workshop! This beginner class covers bicycle basics with an emphasis on properly fitting your bike. If you have never taken any kind of bike class, you should. It's something so easy to learn, and will make a huge difference in your bike knowledge.

The Class is on Saturday, January 15 · 6:00pm - 7:30pm
12255 Venice Blvd, Mar Vista, CA 90066

RSVP by emailing info@bikerowave.org.