22 November, 2010

Cranksgiving Ten: Results

Saturday was the 10th running of Cranksgiving. What a fun race that was. It consisted of three zones, each zone containing a dispatcher. You enter a zone, go to the dispatcher, get checked in, race around in the zone, finding two different grocery stores, picking up one item off of your manifest at each of those stores, then returning to the dispatcher, to get your manifest checked out. Then repeat two more times in the other two zones. Made for a very fast and fun race! Congrats to Boo Boo for pulling in the win, and Congrats to Amanda for getting 1st girl! Most of all thanks to Doug, Melissa, Ozzie and Echo Park Cycles for holding down this race year after year. Ten more years!

YancoSaurusRex Chalk bag

Over the last few weeks, I have been getting this question a lot, "What is on your belt and what is in there?" So, I figured I should do a post about it. It's my Yanco x Tracko Chalkbag. A while ago, I noticed my homie Ace rocking one of these, on his belt, (it has a belt loop on one side) or just in his bag holding his Canon G10. Quick access, shot from the Hip style, easy to ride with, durable, and protects your camera. (I have crashed with this on my belt, no problems at all) I won of one these awhile back, and I would use a zip tie to attach it the back of my seat as a water bottle cage. Just biding my time til I got my G11. Now this is almost never not on my belt. I love it. One of my most favorite things I have won in a race. Gotta give love to Ace for showing me the ways of the Chalk Bag.

Get it here.


Love it. Get it here.

Hern, will any of these make it as prizes for tomorrows race?

Joe McKeag

Get this kid some pants! Haha, Great edit. Joe is awesome, and he shreds.

Via Prolls

Alloneword Cap and Prolly's Love

A lot of love was waiting for me, Saturday morning. Opened the door to go to breakfast and there was my new Custom cap from Alloneword, Thanks Mary E. I love it, it's really a head turner and very well made. Super comfy and fits well. Thanks again. Here's a post I did a few weeks ago. Look for a follow up piece on Mary and Her hats. Then in my mailbox was Sticker love from the Prolly! Thanks dude, the Vegas cards were quite funny.

VCR Thanksgiving Race

Tomorrow night! Be there. It's a good one!

Rider Profile: Devon Tsuno

Devon. When I first came up with doing these profiles, Devon was on the short list to be amongst the first. He's the raddest, always with a smile and quick wit, takes amazing photos, a very talented artist, and all around great guy. Whenever ever I have had beef in the community, online or in person, Devon is always the first one to to hit me up later and give me those words of encouragement that I need and has something funny to say, to snap me back out of that funk. I thank him for that, and look to forward to our first encounter on the track. Thanks Devon, you're the best. Interview after the jump.