05 July, 2010

This weekend!!!

Saturday and Sunday.... It's gonna be a good one. Just finished the Map and Manifest for the race and from what I have heard, the NJS ride and show is gonna be amazing. If you're worried about the missing the World Cup final, the spot will have TV's...

Clink Room Taco Shop League's "Pollos Terrible"

This is really sick, I love these hats... So good.

Here's the Deets, from our friends at Clink Room..

The Pollos Terrible cap is our second Taco Shop League design contest winner, designed by Erick Florez of Utica, NY.

Last fall, Clinkers from around the world submitted an imaginary team name, backstory and cap design for our fictional "Taco Shop League." Erick's Pollos Terrible cap was voted as a winning design by The Clink Room community.

Crafted by Elm Company of Los Angeles, the cap is entirely customized with branded tags, tape, and printed fabrics. The fitted hats also feature a removable patch/size with a unique design for each size.

The Taco Shop League is inspired by the taco shop food and culture of San Diego, Casey and Jason's hometown.

You can come out and try to win one of these hats at the "All you can eat race" this Saturday. Bewm.