14 August, 2010

Race safe and hard tomorrow.

I'll have a cold beer waiting for you at the end.

Thanks to Pabst, for being the final piece to the puzzle.

The Young Bloods: Results

Wow, what a good race. I really love that 25 guys under 20 came out to race our Youngbloods race. It's really inspiring to see this. Our youngest racer was 14 oldest I belive was 19. Pretty fucking cool. Big ups to Turtle for winning overall, and Props to Jonnell for winning the under 17 catagory, enjoy those hoops! Big thanks to DTLA's finest for throwing it with us, Juan gets huge props for making it happen, the route the food the sponsors, good work my dood! Thanks to all the sponsors, Chubby Boob, Orange20, Echo park Cycles, LAB, Allee, TOLA!, Veglife, and to JTR for being so genourus with his donations, Turtle enjoy that SHO-AIR Kit.